Plantation Bamboo: Most Trusted Bamboo Supplier in NZ



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You must have thought to decorate your house differently when you renovate or build a new one. But when finally the time has come, you may be perplexed among so many options.

And, with so many choices, it becomes challenging to choose one that embellishes your home, making it sumptuously rich.

Now, you don’t need to hunt much, as we have the idea with which you can get a beautiful abode. And, that is bamboo.

You may have seen bamboo used for various other purposes, but you may not know; they are a fabulous solution to give your dwelling a distinct look.

To deck-up your house with bamboo in New Zealand, you need a distributor like Plantation Bamboo. You must be wondering why them, then read this article to know what makes them the best.

plantation bamboo

Plantation Bamboo is one of the best bamboo suppliers in New Zealand. It started with a motto to bring bamboo’s versatility in the houses and workstations throughout New Zealand.

They have been in this business for several years and possess sound knowledge in embellishing spaces using bamboo qualities.

But a question remains, that why should you opt for them? So, to answer that, we have listed some of the reasons that can help you decide to add bamboo beauty in your dream dwelling with Plantation Bamboo –

Plantation Bamboo, with its constant efforts to provide the best product as per customers’ needs, has become a trustworthy choice.

They hold good experience in giving a unique look to homes by infusing various bamboo-made products.

Moreover, it always takes care that every product is delivered to the user after thorough testing, making it fit for use at their abode. By giving the promised output to their clients, they have gained a good name in the market.

Whether you are thinking of refurbishing only a specific part of your dwelling or constructing from scratch, they have something for everyone.

With them, you get a choice to modify your house by merely changing its flooring or outdoor decking. They provide a diverse range of tiling options like compressed, elite, and forest, which come in different colors and sizes.

Or you can opt for bamboo decking, which can give your exteriors a rustic appearance.

The best part about them is they proffer special attention to the quality of the material so that every client gets the most refined product.

If you think that what is there to look in material, as every bamboo is alike, then its not; it differs significantly. To bestow you with the finest range of items, they get their resources from top suppliers of New Zealand.

This company proffers you purely sustainable and organic products made from bamboo’s goodness. It has brought bamboo functionality into people’s paradise in the form of countertops, benchtops, wall cladding, furniture pieces, and whatnot.

They also suggest different ways to incorporate bamboo in various areas of your abode, making it grandeur. If you have appointed any builder, architect, or interior designer, for your paradise, they can work with them as well to bestow you with the desired product.

You may be fully aware of the fact that a company’s strength is its team. They have exceptionally talented members with good know-how of bamboo, helping them give satisfactory results to their customers.

Further, their team goes the extra mile to aid you in every way. From showcasing options, creating product specification datasheets, gathering manufacturing information, and much more, they provide it all.

Other than this, their team comprises of installation and technical manager, giving you a facility of getting the product fixed at your home.

Last but not least reason to choose Plantation Bamboo is that you get products at a very economical rate from them.

They assure durable products at great prices so that anyone can ornate their abode or workstation with a twist of bamboo anywhere in New Zealand.

Also, their solutions come with a warranty, so if you face any issues, you can always contact them.

Bamboo can let you have a house with a natural and luxurious feel. It is a good way to adorn your paradise with something other than usual.

And, with Plantation Bamboo, you don’t have to look further to get a bamboo-finished home.

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