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Things You Need to Know About Visiting Cards in 2023

Do you know that the distribution of every 2,000 visiting cards boosts overall sales by 2.5%? The purpose of mentioning this fact here is to make you realize the importance of visiting card when it comes to brand marketing. There is no denying that from shopping to education, nearly everything is digital now. It is why business owners don’t invest in designing and printing cards, ignoring their potential.

Setting a budget for visiting card is essential for brand awareness. Are you the one thinking about launching a brand or looking to grow your existing business? Then, it’s time to add this marketing collateral to your list. However, there are certain things that you need to take care of while designing your business card because if you don’t come up with a perfect and attractive design, you’ll not get the desired result as there is high competition out there.

This blog post will show what you need to consider if you want to hand over your card with pride. But before diving into the main section, let’s quickly find out why business cards are essential.

Why Your Brand Needs Visiting Card?

Most people put visiting cards in their pockets without even look at them. Why? The reason is unattractive design or overwhelming information. However, a visiting card can do wonders for your business if used rightly. It can set a long-lasting impression on people about your brand and make them contact you.

Besides, having a business card can help you in difficult times. For instance, you’re on the way to visit any brand’s brick and mortar store, following Google Map, and suddenly your mobile gets powered off. What will you do to get there? You can ask people, but not everyone is aware of the brand these days as there are many out there. So, it’s the visiting card that comes to the rescue. You can show visiting cards to the passer-by to get directions.

It’s just one example. There are many more that show how visiting card is beneficial for your business. For instance, it can make you help viral. Now you might be thinking how? Let’s explain to you. Today, people share everything on social media and things that are unique become viral within hours. Think if you hand over your cleverly designed business card to any social media worm. He or she will definitely share it on his or her social media handle.

That’s enough to understand the importance of a visiting card. Let’s jump into the vital elements of a business card.

Vital Elements of Visiting Card Printing

Want to make a visiting card that works? Read and consider these elements while designing a visiting card for your business and getting more satisfactory outcomes.

Don’t Forget to Place a Logo in Your Card

A logo may seem like a small thing, but its impact is more significant than any other branding element. It makes people connect with your brand and remember it. Therefore, a logo needs to be consistent wherever you use it. Similarly, when it comes to visiting card designing, make sure that your logo is placed prominently as it’s the face of your brand.

Most companies put their logos on the left side of the card and mention other vital information on the right side. However, there is no hard and fast rule regarding the placement of a logo. Do what suit your business best, but make sure that whatever you do look astonishing.

Be Very Picky While Selecting Colors   

Colors are something that define a brand’s personality. You need to be more innovative while choosing the color palette for your brand. Colors come in handy when it comes to brand recognition. The color combination you use should be pleasing to the eyes.

You need to learn color psychology to come up with the best combination for your brand. A color selection for your visiting card can either take your brand to the next level or ruin its image in the marketplace. It depends on you whether you use light colors, dark ones, or a mixture of both, but ensure that the final product should look attractive.

Show Your Creativity

To win people’s heart, show your creativity through visiting card. The more creative the card is, the more people will take an interest in looking at it. It’s your ground. No one will ask you why you did this way and not that way. Play with design and come up with something that has never seen before in your target marketplace.

Create Unique Shape

Usually, visiting cards are rectangular, so they can easily get adjusted in wallets. However, you can come out of the box and give your card a unique shape. You can make it round, square or a custom shape that resonates with your brand’s top-selling product.

Use High-Quality Paper or Plastic

Like designing, printing also matters a lot when it comes to making the visiting card that delivers. If you go for cheap material, it’ll ruin your design, and you’ll end up regretting your decision. So, you need to be wise while selecting paper or plastic for your visiting card.

Select the Right Font

Like colors, the font also plays a mighty role in representing the brand’s personality. You need to know that which font style and size will suit perfectly to your brand. We suggest you avoid using multiple fonts. In short, the font style and size you use should be easy to read for people from all age groups.

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