Different Types of Graphic Designer Profiles for Career Growth [2023 Update]

In this blog, we will discuss about different types of graphic designer profiles & a few basics every designer must be sharp at.

Designing something is the step-by-step process that needs to be fulfilled to get an incredible design. It can be any service you are providing, like logo design services, graphic designing services, web designing services or any custom-made illustrations.

Different types of graphic designer create interactive visual content for communication. It includes spacing, typography, color, page layout techniques, imagery and many other elements along with the knowledge of some very famous graphic designing tools like Adobe photoshop, illustrator etc.

The designing industry is constantly fluctuating. Thus, a designer has to be versatile and multi-skilled. You’ve to walk through a tough road to become a successful designer, which can take a lot of time.

You’ll find various types of graphic designer profiles. The question is, what kind of designer you want to be?

There are several other types of graphic designers you’ll find, below few are explained:

Types of Graphic Designer Profiles

types of graphic designers

Visual Identity Designer

What is brand identity? Brand identity consists of elements through which a brand represents itself to the targeted audience. It helps a firm to portray its image in the consumer’s mind.

The visual brand identity designer helps a brand develop brand identity by providing logo design services, brochure designing, flyer designing, business card designing, and social media branding.

They team up with firms to create logos, illustrations, typographies, sizes and color pallets.

In addition, the designer sets style guides for a firm on which future designs are made to demonstrate the similar personality of the brand. Google’s Doodles is the best example of it. Google changes its logo, which is based on different national and international events. Have you ever noticed the appearance of these doodles? I asked you this question because you’ll find the shape, color, or other elements in different Google’s doodles, which will always be linked with Google’s original logo.

The visual identity designer should know the common knowledge of different types of designer, which is needed while designing. Mainly, they should have exceptional creativity, communication, and researching skills.

Marketing and Advertising Graphic Designer

These type of graphic designer profiles play an essential role in marketing and advertising the products and services of a firm to target the audience, which ultimately provides leads and increases the firm’s Return on Investment (ROI).

We all know visual content is more appealing to people, promoting the firm’s products and services.

You’ll find marketing designers working with the directors and managers of the firm.

Nowadays, there is a significant rise in digital marketing and advertising.

User Interface Graphic Designer

User interface (UI) means the interaction of humans with the devices.

The work of user interface designers is to make devices and elements of devices easy to access, understand and user-friendly.

The main emphasis of the UI is to make an appealing appearance and work on technical serviceability. 

The UI graphic designer works on web design, app design, game interference and theme design.

Packaging Graphic Designer

packaging products has become an essential asset in the marketing industry; even a tiny bag or bottle is packaged and can tell a brand’s story establishing a positive brand image.

The packaging graphic designer has an exceptional knowledge of graphic design and a keen understanding of printing services.

Now we are going to discuss the basics that a beginner needs to know about graphic designing. Following are the basics of designing that a designer should know!

Basics of Designing that a graphic designer should know


If you present a blank canvas in front of any type of graphic designer, he or she will not try to use the whole canvas to fulfill it with the designs, instead will use his and her skills to use the open space to bring attention to elements that matter.

Effective use of space gives a simple and professional look, an essential skill for a designer.

Not every designer has this ability!

The logo design services that a designer provides also make sure to use the user space in their logo, especially negative and positive spaces.


Hierarchy is an important tool that helps the designer gain the viewer’s attention, and the message does not get lost in the crowd.

Larger designs instantly gain the attention of the viewer, but that does not always happen.

Try to make your design content based on human eye movement like Z – Pattern and F – Pattern.

Lines and Shapes

The use of line and shapes changes the design of the whole material.

The use of a sharp design or a rounded design will ultimately change the context of the material. A curve design normally gives an informal look, and a thoughtful design gives a formal look, which is why every type of graphic designer should know the knowledge of lines and shapes.

For example, logos also have different shapes. When giving logo services to a client, a graphic designer must know the shapes of different logos like spiral, circular, triangular, and square. These shapes give a different meaning to the logos. Therefore, designers should use the shape of the logo, which demonstrates the firms’ purpose explicitly.


A color is an important tool for any type of graphic designer because every color has a different meaning, and designers should have a strong command in the familiarity of colors.

Color not only gives an aesthetic and attractive appearance but also helps in communication with the audience.

Colors invoke an emotional feeling in the viewer, like black color, which gives professional and mourning vibes.

When giving its to its clients, a custom design agency ensures the proper use of color psychology.


Typography includes font type and font size. Both things are essential in designing and in displaying the personality of the firm.

Creative use of typography looks attractive, but responsive typography gives the attention-grabbing ability to the design.

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Different Types of Graphic Designer Profiles for Career Growth [2023 Update]

In this blog, we will discuss about different types of graphic designer profiles & a few basics every designer must be sharp...

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