The courageous and brave women in the indian defence forces

It takes ethos like bravery, honesty, determination, courage and discipline to be a part of the Indian defence forces. They go through rigorous training and come out as gallant heroes ready to sacrifice their lives to better the nation. From the fierce heat of the desert to the freezing climate of the Siachen glacier, defence forces act as a protective shield over millions of Indians and safeguard the country from internal insurrections and external attacks.

 The defence forces are categorized into three glamorous uniformed services: the Indian Navy, Indian Air force, Indian Army. These forces work in conjunction with each other while combating any noxious antagonism. Nowadays, youngsters are filled with great zealousness for joining the defence forces and offer services to their motherland. They can easily enter the defence forces of India by cracking exams like AFCAT, CDS etc. 

Interested candidates can appear for these exams if they intend to join the defence forces as officers. The unique attribute of the Indian defence forces is that they have started giving equal opportunities to women as they earlier gave it to their men. 

Here is the list of courageous and brave women in the Indian defence forces:

Women in the defence forces have proved their calibre and created history. If anyone needs extra conditioning while preparing for the exam, they can join a leading AFCAT coaching institute in Chandigarh. 

Gunjan Saxena

She is the first Indian Air force officer to fly in a combat zone during the Kargil War. She was among 25 young girls who were a part of women IAF trainee pilots in 1994. During the Kargil war, Gujan Saxena flew many helicopters through the war zones to rescue injured soldiers and air-drop supplies to the troops. She is the first woman to receive the Shaurya Vir award for showing gallantry efforts during the Kargil war. 

Shanti Tigga

Shanti Tigga was an extraordinary woman as she was the first female Jawan in the Indian Army. She soared to the heights of success at 35 with two children and defeated her male compeer during physical fitness tests in training. She finished the 50m run in 12 seconds during her tests and defeated all her male counterparts to finish her 1.5 km run. Proficiency in handling guns helped her earn the highest position of a marksman. Although she met a horrendous death, she will always be remembered for heroism and courage.

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Sophia Qureshi

Lt. Col Sophia Qureshi is the first woman to lead the training contingent of the Indian Army at force 18 and the ASEAN plus multinational field training exercise held in 2016. Sophia Qureshi was 35 years old when selected from peacemaking trainers to lead the Indian contingent.

Deepika Misra

Deepika Misra is the first woman pilot of IAF who offered training to helicopter aerobatic team Saran in 2006. Moreover, she was the first woman to be inducted into the indigenous Advanced light helicopter squad. She participated voluntarily in the Sarang team in 2010. 

Many girls made Deepika Misra their idol and wanted to join the Indian Air force. All they need to do is qualify for the AFCAT exam. 

Punita Arora

Punita Arora is the first Indian woman to secure the second-highest rank of lieutenant general in India’s defence forces, along with the rank of Vice-Admiral in the Indian Naval force. In 2004, she was commandant of the Armed forces Medical college. She also provided her assistance in medical research for the defence forces as additional director-general of armed forces Medical Services.

Mitali Madhumita

In February 2011, she was the first female officer who was honoured to receive Sena Medal for pouring gallantry efforts during operations in the northeast and Jammu & Kashmir. She also led the Army’s English Language Training team in Kabul. 

Despite being unarmed, she ran nearly 2 kilometres to reach the scene and personally extricated nearly 19 Army training team officers trapped under the rubble and rushed them to the hospital.

Priya Ranjhan

Priya Jhingan, a fiery young woman, enlisted as 001, the Indian Army’s first female cadet, on September 21, 1992. Jhingan, a law graduate, had always wanted to enter the ArmyArmy. She wrote a letter to the Army Chief himself in 1992, requesting that women be admitted. He did a year later, and Jhingan and the other 24 new female hires embarked on their mission.

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This is how the young and brave women force have rendered their gallantry services to the nation. The defence forces of India have also empowered women eradicating gender biasness from the selection process to granting promotions. 

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