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DeFi Platform SuperBonds Gears up for a Big 2022

The DeFi landscape is seeing innovation on a daily basis, with traditional finance ideas being married to the creativity and freedom of blockchain based solutions to create the next generation of financial markets. Amongst those working to elevate decentralised finance to the next level, the team at SuperBonds is tapping into the idea of Fixed-Income Bonds for the crypto space.

The SuperBonds platform is DeFi’s first, guaranteed fixed-yield bond market, through financial NFTs. By offering a bond using an NFT, users get a single-minted token, a bond with a unique serial number. This bond provides a guaranteed expected yield to the holder over a specified period of time. Yields with certainty across time-frame has been unavailable to users in the DeFi space until now. SuperBonds has a fully on-chain, programmatic system based on an intricate risk management framework. The platform is built on the Solana blockchain, owing to its high speed and low-gas fees network. The SuperBonds(SB) token is the native token of the SuperBonds platform, intrinsic to its value generation, and needed in every transaction.

The project came in the public eye, when last year on November 30th, the SuperBonds team announced completing a raise of $3 million to launch their DeFi market on Solana. Going into 2022, the project looks ready to execute the roadmap they have laid out for the year.

Early this year, the platform’s $SB utility token was listed on a top global Exchange, MEXC. SB token also got listed on top Solana Decentralized Exchange Raydium Dex, alongside the Jupiter aggregator. This was followed by a listing on Orca, another top DEX built on Solana. The SuperBonds team plans include being listed on multiple more exchanges in 2022. Further milestones that the team is looking to achieve have been outlined in their roadmap below.

As per the team, considerable work on the backend is undergoing to ensure the platform is battle-tested for the long haul. The code audit, Devnet launch, in-depth code review, and finally the Solana MainNet launch are all part of an ambitious first quarter for SuperBonds.

Once mainnet launches, the team says they will focus on chain-interoperability, working to enhance the platform’s user experience by bridging it to other blockchains. Following this, will be the implementation of the governance structure. This will enable the platform’s growing community of over 46,000 on Twitter and over 40,000 on Discord, to continue to share in the success, growth, and overall direction of Superbonds.

The SuperBonds platform is currently running different campaigns to increase market presence. One such campaign that’ll be of great interest to any crypto user is their trading competition on Raydium with a grand prize of $20,000. The contest’s participation rules can be found here. Another attractive incentive for yield farmers in the space is the SuperBonds double-dip pool on Orca that offers rewards in both $SB and $Orca tokens. The how-to guide for this pool can be viewed on the platform’s Medium blog

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