New Homerun Token Bridges Crypto & Real Estate Investing



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    Two of the highest growth markets in the last few years have been real estate, both physical and in the Metaverse, and cryptocurrency. Successful investors in each have made exponential returns and have been provided opportunities to create life-changing wealth. Everyone is searching far and wide, using any method and tool at their disposal to be a part of the next big thing in each space. With that in mind, the creators of HOMERUN TOKEN, launching February 2022, have developed a way to be in both places at once. By owning HOMERUN TOKEN, investors are not only invested in the massive growth potential of cryptocurrency,  but are also real estate investors at the same time. HOMERUN TOKEN truly is “The Best Of Both Worlds”.

    While the search is on for the next big thing, HOMERUN TOKEN is the first hybrid REIT (Real Estate Investment Token), acquiring assets in both the physical world and the Metaverse. This revolutionary token is available across multiple chains including BSC, Etherium, and Polygon making it easy for traders to acquire regardless of their portfolio preferences. This DeFi project has a low supply of only 500,000,000 tokens available, giving it massive potential for both fast, short-term growth and long term 100x or higher potential.

    While the growth of the coin alone has investors excited over its incredible potential, the HOMERUN TOKEN also provides guaranteed passive income opportunities for those who continue to hold and stake the token. These features are designed to reward investors focused on a long term strategy through the following means:

    6% reflections redistributed to holders: 6% of every purchase of HOMERUN TOKEN will be distributed to three pools to provide passive income to investors and promote growth of the coin and the real estate holdings that will drive staking APY. 4% of each purchase will go into the Real Estate Fund, used to purchase both physical and Metaverse properties. The proceeds from these properties will be shared with members of the community that choose to stake their tokens. Additionally, 2% will be paid as a BNB reward to all holders, regardless if they choose to stake their investment or not.

    Staking: By choosing to stake their tokens, investors have another passive income stream with HOMERUN TOKEN. The proceeds from the Real Estate Pool will be used to purchase rental properties, with the profits redistributed to those who have staked their HOMERUN TOKENS. In fact, prior to launch, the first physical property has already been placed in escrow, allowing investors to see more passive income faster.

    1% Automatic Liquidity: An additional 1% of each sale will go to growing the liquidity pool to ensure the long term growth and stability of the token. This will be sent to a decentralized exchange that fixes the low liquidity problems of DEXs through the liquidity pool concept.

    In order to achieve the maximum growth potential, the HOMERUN team has also gone above and beyond to ensure transparency and open communication. This starts with the token’s CEO Justin Robins, and is practiced throughout the project’s members, with the team fully doxxed in order to create open and honest dialogue among members of the community. This is rarely seen with a new launch in the cryptocurrency world and only adds to the confidence investors have choosing to be a part of this revolutionary project. Beyond the fully doxxed team, a number of other items have been implemented to ensure the safety and security of investments.

    Top Developers: The HOMERUN TEAM interviewed a number of potential developers for the project, eventually choosing to go with Dark Horse Intelligence. The Dark Horse Intelligence team is staffed by highly skilled agents, many of whom have been associated with government, defense, and intelligence agencies worldwide, including various European agencies, and the United States DOD, CIA, DEA and FBI agencies. This added level of detail in ensuring the token was developed with enhanced security measures only adds to the confidence investors have in HOMERUN TOKEN and its growth potential.

    Robust Roadmap Including Blockchain For Real Estate Projects: A strong, ambitious roadmap has been laid out that includes a proprietary blockchain for future projects to be built upon around the real estate, insurance, construction, and similar industries. In addition, the roadmap contains plans for a self-sustaining dApp platform consisting of a swap exchange with a user-friendly interface that allows users to see their reflections. There are also plans for a HOMERUN DERBY game to drive engagement, a detailed marketing plan with influencers and endorsements, a buyer persona campaign to create buzz in multiple industries, and much more.

    Locked Liquidity & Team Tokens Locked for Two Years

    Anti-Whale Mechanism: Measures are currently in place to cap wallets at three million tokens in order to prevent major swings in pricing. However, the team has added a mechanism to allow for that number to expand as trading volumes increase. This will enable larger buys and continue to drive the value of the coin and real estate pool to new heights.

    Revolutionary Charity Wallet: A charity wallet with 5,000,000 tokens has been established with those tokens also taking advantage of the reflections system. Those dividends, in turn, will be used for various charitable initiatives such as purchasing homes for single parents, veterans, and other families in need. It is clear this project is designed to go far beyond the walls of those simply invested in the coin and to make a real world impact as well.

    There are also wallets set aside for community appreciation and marketing to ensure the long term success of the token and its investors.

    HOMERUN TOKEN was created with a different mindset than the traditional cryptocurrency. With a focus on transparency and integrity, HOMERUN TOKEN was established on a community-first approach, unlocking its potential through a group of like-minded individuals interested in creating long term wealth and stability for each other. This unique, first of its kind project has the makings of cryptocurrency’s next 100x coin and beyond with unparalleled passive income possibilities.

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