NFTs That Come With Wearables – All While Supporting Sustainable Fashion & Empowering Creatives



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    Made In Real Life, or “MIRL” for short, is an upcoming NFT project that aims to provide NFT owners with the opportunity to showcase their art both digitally and physically, while also serving as a platform for aspiring creatives.

    Figure 1. Made In Real Life – the first decentralized fashion brand in the Metaverse 

    “What’s the point of NFTs if I can’t touch them?” Finally, a solution to the question that has plagued NFT owners for far too long: The MIRL Project – the first decentralized fashion brand born into the Metaverse. The Made-In-Real-Life Club, or “MIRL” for short, is an upcoming NFT project that aims to use fashion as a medium to bridge the gap between physical and digital art.

    Set to release on 10 March 2022, the NFT launch features 8888 digital collectibles with a twist – they come with a physical counterpart!

    Figure 2. MIRL NFT prototype

    While the cost of each NFT has not yet been announced, the MIRL Team guarantees that ownership of the NFT also covers the manufacturing and shipping costs for the physical apparel.

    Aside from NFTs, the project also features and integrative ecosystem that includes (a) the MIRL incubator for supporting creatives who want to establish their brand in the Metaverse; (b)  the MIRL DAO to enable systematic transparency and community participation, and (c)  the MIRL Labs e-store that allows users to customize and purchase physical wearables with NFTs they own [Refer to Figures 3 – 5 below for mockup jackets with MAYC design).

    The incubator program works in synergy with the MIRL DAO to allow work opportunities and scholarships via a project share agreement (PSA) or income share agreement (ISA) – which theDAO is the full beneficiary of. Over 300 creatives all over the world have joined the incubator program.

    The MIRL Ecosystem will be powered by the native $MIRL Token.

    A major underlying theme behind the MIRL project is encouraging “slow fashion” and sustainability by (a) creating an environment where one-of-kind physical and digital apparels appreciate in value, (b) using a make-to-demand, ethical manufacturing, and (c) choosing high-quality albeit eco-friendly fabrics to ensure apparels are built to last – but do minimal harm to the environment when they are eventually disposed of.

    The NFT collection is inspired by the idea of Metanoia (meaning the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life). MIRL “Personas” are the mysterious, helmet-wearing avatars seen in the NFT pieces. Meant to represent their owners, these Personas are space travelers attempting to find their way in the universe. Each Persona embodies a unique soul longing for freedom, refusing to conform or be shackled by social norms; they chart their own course across the galaxy.

    MIRL Partners

    The MIRL project is supported by some of the top industry leaders who are passionate about paving the way for the future of Web3. These include Bybit exchange, Solanium, Moonedge, HOTDAO, Magnet Ventures, and the Mark Cuban Backed NFT marketplace – Mintable.

    Figure 7. MIRL places great emphasis on sustainability in fashion

    The Creative Leads behind The MIRL Project

    Joanna Lim is the lead designer, founder, and CEO of MIRL. Based in Singapore, Lim has won multiple design awards and has been featured in multiple international runway shows. Her recent projects include a capsule collection with H&M Singapore, a collection with SHEIN X, a commission for Singapore’s largest indoor art Mural, and most recently, a collaboration project with the Singapore National Heritage Board.

    Figure 8. Joanna’s design work

    Working alongside Lim is fellow MIRL artist, Leslie Teo, AKA Misled Lotus, a digital illustrator, graphic designer, and academic. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Teo’s art focuses on galaxy-themes, drawing inspiration from his ongoing research projects in the field of human behavioral psychology.

    For more information, please visit

    Figure 9. Misled Lotus’ design work

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