$SCRG Fair Token of Scrooge Project Officially Launched

The Scrooge Token project has announced the official launch of its native fair $SCRG token. Trading of the $SCRG token has been officially made available on the PancakeSwap exchange starting from February 8, 2022.

The Binance Smart Chain based Scrooge Token project has announced that its native $SCRG token has been made available for public trading starting from February 8, 2022. The asset is intended to be a fair token for both experienced and novice crypto market players, relying on a fair-launch model. The $SCRG is focused on honest investors seeking to capitalize on an asset designed for actual applications on the financial market with a host of added benefits inscribed in its underlying tokenomic model.

The $SCRG token is intended as a value-aggregating instrument for crypto market participants seeking to hold assets and generate income. With 1,000,000,000 total issuance, the $SCRG token charges a 9% reward from each transaction performed with it and distributes the accrued sums among all token holders. No additional commissions or hidden fees are foreseen. The fair and transparent tokenomic model is intended as an attractive instrument for market participants seeking projects with honest applications and generous reward structures.

The project roadmap is separated into four distinct phases, with the first phase of launch already achieved. The development team has stated that they will not be deviating from the set plan of action and will continue to maintain a fair and transparent project structure to account before the community.

One of the main advantages of the $SCRG token is its full transparency and security, which has been confirmed by two independent audits. Solidify Finance and SOLIDProof have both confirmed the security of the Scrooge Token’s smart contracts.

“We want to create an asset that caters to all users of decentralized space. And we will be achieving scaling through our reward structure. We will do our utmost to steer clear of caveats and would like to highlight the fact that we are the only original $SCRG token on the market,” as stated by a representative of the Scrooge Token team.

The development team behind the Scrooge Token has over 20 years of combined experience in the decentralized and IT technology industries. Leveraging their expertise, the team is confident that the $SCRG token will be adopted and accepted by a growing number of community members.


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