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All the Shaggy Things: How to Decorate with Shag Fibers

Fibers are a versatile way to add texture and depth to your space. They can be used in many ways from an accent wall, headboard, or as part of the upholstery on a chair. These shaggy things will make decorating easier than ever! We’re all about the shaggy things, and we know you are too. The shag has finally arrived! It seems like shag carpeting and furniture were all the rage in the 70’s, but these days you can find it on everything from pillows to couches. The best part? This new wave of shag is made with soft fibers that are more durable than ever before. 

If you’ve been thinking of a way to incorporate more natural shag fibers into your home decor, this blog post is for you! We’ll walk through some of our favorite ways to use rugs and fabric in your interior design projects while still being on trend with today’s style. Whether it’s a neutral rug that will anchor any space or a hand-woven textured piece that adds texture and character, these tips will help make sure everything from your curtains to your pillows feels luxurious.

A shag Rug

Shag rugs are the perfect way to add texture and color. If your room is neutral, shag rugs can make it feel cozy. A bright rug in a dark space will draw the eye up away from any potential storage or clutter that may be hiding out of sight below furniture level. it is also softest to the feet and feels like a walk in the clouds. A shag rug will be the anchor for your space. Whether it’s a neutral rug that anchors any room or an accent chair with extra cushioning, this focal point should make everything else feel luxurious too. If you’re looking to pull together a living room quickly and on budget, look no further: shag rugs are the perfect piece for you.

Shag Fibers in Home Decor

Shag fibers are now being used in home decor more and more. They’re not just for shag rugs anymore! From pillows to drapes, shag can be a great way to add texture with color without having to do anything too permanent that you won’t want later on down the road.

Start by taking a catalogue of the space you’re trying to spruce up. What colors do the walls, furniture and accent pieces already have going on? The shag fibers should compliment those tones, not clash against them!

When selecting a rug for your space that could be used as an anchor piece or focal point of the room’s design style, consider what color palettes are your favorites.

Rug Size and Material

Be sure to think about the rug’s size, shape and material too! Rugs can be very expensive so it is important that you get one that will work for your space, especially if you have a large room with high ceilings or need something for an outdoor garden area. You may also want to consider using shag fibers in combination with other materials to create a unique rug that could be the centerpiece of your room.

Don’t forget about accessories!

Adding shag fibers into your design can also include more than just rugs and blankets. There are many different ideas for how you might use this material in various pieces around your home, from pillows to throw blankets on the bedding. Consider adding shag fibers to your sofa or loveseat as a throw blanket for those chilly evenings, and add them to the floor of your bedroom with cushions on top for that cozy feeling you want when getting ready in the morning! There are many ways to use shags around your home without making everything feel crowded.

Shag Fibers and colorful and fun

Shag fibers are not just for the winter months. They can be used all year round to brighten up any aesthetic room in your home. The shag fibers are a great way to add color and texture into your space, without being too loud or overpowering. It’s also an easy way to update older pieces that you may have had laying around collecting dust! you can decorate an accent piece or accessory with a shag cover to update it.The soft texture of the fibers make them perfect for any room in your home, and they are more inviting than most other textiles, because people want to touch them! The color options can be whatever you want or need – from bold colors to whimsy prints that evoke feelings of warmth and coziness.

Create Depth in a Room

The shag fiber is also a great way to create depth in a room. You can use it on the floor, as an accent piece of furniture cover, or even on an entire wall! The weaved fibers add dimension and texture to your space without overwhelming them with color like some other textiles do. A more exciting way to add texture and dimension to your space is by weaving shags into the area rugs or getting a shag rug. This will give you that same textured feel, but without having a big bold color piece in the room. The fibers are woven right into the rug so they can’t be pulled out or easily stained with spills or accidents of any kind .This is a good way to add some life and texture into your room without having to worry about one big piece of furniture or accessory. The fibers are woven in, so they’ll never fall out either–no matter how much you tug on them!

Looking For a Shag Rug?

 A shag rug is the perfect solution for your home decor needs. Rugknots has a wide selection of rugs to choose from, and we’re sure you will find one that suits all your requirements. For those who are looking for rugs different and unique than traditional shag rugs, try woven wool or silk options with beautiful patterns like geometric designs or oriental motifs. If you are looking for a classic style in an assortment of colors, then look no further! We have large collections of shaggy rugs that can add character to any room. Don’t forget about durability- not all fabrics are created equally; so be sure to check out what type of material it is made out of as well. We have a wide range of shag rugs in all shapes and sizes, so you know that we will be able to find one for your needs! Whether the rug is meant for entryways or bedrooms, we’ve got something perfect for everyone!

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