Amazing Ways to Make Your Room Aesthetic (Ideas and Inspiration)



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    We get it, you’re starting to hate how your bedroom looks and feels after being locked inside of it for months. This is why many people are doing some revamping on their room to make it a happy place. It’s one of the places in our homes where we can relax and get away from the rest of the world for a while. 

    If you’re thinking of giving your bedroom a much-needed makeover, here are some tips on how you can make your room aesthetically pleasing and a serene place where you’ll always want to escape to: 

    1. Use removable wallpaper to add beautiful colours to the walls 

    Adding a wash of colour to your walls will freshen up the room instantly. Pick your favourite removable wallpaper and install it on your walls. This can surely highlight a wall in your bedroom. Be creative in choosing the design you like. You may also use it in your kitchen and give its backsplash a more modern look using only several sheets. Plus, if you’re renting, your landlord won’t even need to know it. 

    2. Add some warm lighting 

    white bed frame

    If you’re looking for the perfect warm lighting, opt for white string lights. They are usually the go-to of many people who want to renovate their rooms. They are very affordable and simple and can add some extra appeal to your room. Aside from that, you can have more relaxed lighting if you want to rest from the bright lights for a little while. 

    3. Place scented candles 

    There are plenty of scented candles today that come in different shapes and designs. They’re not only attractive to the eye but also to the smell. Aesthetics is not only about what you see, but it’s also about what you smell. Go ahead and decorate your room with the most-loved smelling designer candles to lift up your mood and provide yourself with some form of relaxation. Just imagine that you are pampering yourself in your bedroom with these candles. 

    4. Keep things organized  

    Aesthetics is also about cleanliness and being properly organized. So keep your room clean and get rid of the clutter. If your room looks messy and chaotic, you won’t be able to relax and have a clear mind. With the right aesthetics, you are freeing your brain and calming it for you to relax more in your bedroom. 

    5. Make your bedding simple

    throw pillow on bed frame

    Minimalism is the key to having an aesthetic room. Make sure to repeat telling yourself that. As you keep the bedding clean and simple, don’t forget to incorporate some playful fuzzy blankets and cute throw pillows or cushions too. Adding some touches is also part of great aesthetics. And remember that you need to choose a bedding that’s not only elegant but also comfortable! 

    6. Give your room some plants 

    Just adding the tiniest little bit of green life in your room can make a big impact on the room’s aesthetic. There are plenty of indoor plants out there, such as Snake Plant, Pothos, ZZ Plant, and many more. And if you don’t have a pet yet, then a plant can be one. Taking care of those plants can make you a more responsible human. These are the reasons why plants are so wonderful! 

    7. Decide what colour scheme you’ll use 

    This is actually the first step you’ll be making if you want to have an aesthetic room, according to plenty of new home builders and interior designers. You can come up with a pattern of two or three major colours, such as white, black and grey. These colours usually make the room look more organized and well-thought-out since it’s very easy on the eye. You may maintain your colour scheme neutral so you can add several subtle pops of colours for the rest of your room. 

    8. Hang a mirror 

    white bed pillow on bed

    A mirror will not only provide you glimpses of your amazing self without the need to turn your phone camera on, but you can also have more light bouncing in the room which can instantly make your room look larger. 

    9. Move around your furniture layout  

    If you don’t have the funds to buy new furniture, don’t worry! A trick you can do is to rearrange your furniture around. Although there are rooms that only work with pieces of furniture that are organized in a specific way, a  lot can control an absolutely different arrangement. 

    10. Place a rug 

    A rug can provide your space with a structure wherever you want to throw it. A rug not only adds some warmth and texture to the floor but also helps in grounding a room and the furniture in it, otherwise, all your things are just sort of floating. Even if you choose to place a small rug in your bedroom, it can be a huge game-changer. Or you may layer several rugs in one area for added pattern and visual interest. 

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