Water Sports in India For a Thrilling Adventure

In today’s time, adventure tourism has become very popular in India. There are a lot of places in India that are especially Famous for water sports in India. There are many adventure-related contests every year, and people come from all over the world to participate in them. If you are also fond of adventure, you must try all these sports at least once in your life. Many adventure sports in India will make you feel wonderful, like skiing, boat racing, rafting, etc. People come to enjoy it from far away. 

Here in some years, Auli, Rishikesh, Karnataka, and many spots of north India have become the place of the very famous water Adventure Sports. 

If you are fond of water adventure sports with an adventurous spirit, here are some individual adventures. Check out such tremendous water games that will fascinate you. 

Water Sports in India and Where to Experience Them

#1 Banana Tube Boat Ride

One of the most selected and famous water sports is the Banana Tube boat ride. Banana is one of those sports that you can enjoy with friends as well as your family. The interesting thing is it is an adventurous game without a huge risk, take your kids (not below than the average age limit) with protection, and your whole family can have fun. The best season for it is from October to March. Goa, Pune, Maharashtra are some famous and best places for it. This water sport in India is completely safe, but still, you need to be attentive. Always check all the safety gear that they are completely okay. Also, carry a first aid kit with you.

Cost: Rupees.1399 (Minimum 4 Pax)

Duration:10 minutes

#2 Surfing in Karnataka

Surfing is one of the most unusual but dangerous adventure sports. Those who are scared of water should never try it. Waves of the sea have to walk with a boat. You must know swimming before doing this so that you will not be afraid to drown if you fall into the water. The best time for surfing is Monsoon Season, i.e., from May to September. Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka are the best places for surfing. What you need with you is a surfboard, wetsuit, and your surfing skill here.

#3 Bamboo Rafting in Wayanad, Kerala

Want a sporty and different activity of water sports? You can try Bamboo Rafting at an amazing place called Wayanad. Although this hasn’t got a thrill and boom kind of experience, it the best way to feel the calmness of nature in water. The nature lover persons definitely should go for it.

October to March is a good time for it.

Cost: Rs.600 per person

Duration: 3 to 4 hours 

#4 Water Rafting in Rishikesh

Water rafting is a very famous water sport in India and Rishikesh is world famous for it! It’s a prevalent adventure sport here. Those who like thrilling should try it once. The best time to water rafting is from September to June.

Cost: From Rs.450 and Rs.1800 per person 

Duration: 1.5 hours and 8 hours

#5 Boating in Shimla

Who does not want to be in Shimla’s beautiful adversary? Here you will get the chance to enjoy the adventure as well. It is 360 km from Delhi. So Shimla is a perfect place for you. Here you will get a chance to get a different and promising boating experience that is an adventure. At the same time, you can also roam around famous places of Shimla, which will be a memorable moment for you. Some camps are specially organized for Boating.

#6 Undersea Walking in Andaman

Love water so deeply? Having an extreme water sport spirit? Undersea water sport is for your kind of person. Andaman is such an amazing place for this. Here you can enjoy even the complications. Don’t worry if you don’t know about swimming; there is no need for it. You need to walk here. If you go for these sports from December to February, you can have a rich experience. However, you need to be a little secure, don’t panic if they pass from a shoal (of fishes), they are completely harmless, and there are completely harmless.

Cost: Rs. 4500 per person

Duration: 4 hours

#7 Scuba Diving in Andaman & Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a very famous tourist destination. There are many adventure sports here. Scuba diving is a very sophisticated water sport of this place. Those who like water activity should try it once. There are many Islands in Andaman Nicobar, where scuba diving is done. The best time to do scuba diving is from February to April. 

Cost: Rs.3500 to Rs.5000

Duration: 30 to 60 minutes

So, these were some unique and mostly considered water sports of the current time. So, pick any one of them for your next adventure trip and plan your adventure the best of all time.