Winner Block, the crypto lottery that wants to revolutionize online gaming

Even before receiving funding, this blockchain startup managed to make a significant food donation for the victims of the war.

If you do not know Winner Block yet, we will give you a brief summary of this startup that want to create a global lottery, where every player has better win odds as well as provide a solid investment strategy for token holders.

They want to create an easy-to-use application, even for those who want to start in cryptocurrencies. By adopting a system like the national lotteries that everyone knows, you choose 4 numbers and get your nft ticket that allows you to participate in the draw every week. But where they stand out is that they collaborate with celebrities or well-known brands to create special editions that can be resold for more than the price of the ticket.

The market share of online games represents a growing rate every year and it won’t stop, especially when we see that they have managed to build a community of several hundred participants in the space of a few days.

The CEO told us that they are preparing a fundraiser accessible to all in order to finance the application which will be released in a few months.

Accessible on a large majority of devices, the cross-platform app will be used to buy nft tickets, play mini games and check your WBlock account. The public launch on exchanges is expected in over a month. The only address to access their website is, make sure you are on the right link.

Media Contact
Company Name: Winner Block
Contact Person: Juliena Davis
City: London
Country: United Kingdom

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