Indian Grocery Online Shopping Guide for Indians Living in Germany

In today’s time when anything and everything is available online, who doesn’t love shopping with just one click? We all do, and all thanks to the global pandemic that has made us all fall in love with online shopping a little more.

While there are innumerable online shopping categories, online grocers and food retailers are the fastest-growing segments in today’s eCommerce market. Especially in Europe, online grocery shopping marketing is experiencing a significant expansion.

I think no amount of excellent exotic Food in the world will ever replace your favorites back at home. But for people who belong to countries like India, where most of their grocery needs are easily satisfied by the Local Kirana Store, find it challenging to shop for Indian groceries in foreign lands like Germany. 

So if you are an Indian living in Germany, who cannot survive without Indian Food, we have penned down this detailed grocery shopping guide to make your Indian Grocery Shopping in Germany less complex.

Indian Grocery Shopping Online: Overview

When someone moves into Germany out of India, they miss the delicious homemade Food cooked with various ingredients. To find the same Food in Germany can make your head spin. Therefore, they are most probably going to do the following:

  • Ask a friend or relative to buy your favorite snacks and products from India for them.
  • Buy from your local Indian Grocery Store in the local neighborhood.
  • Or lastly, order from an Indian grocery store online in Germany.

Amongst all the solutions mentioned above, Ordering from an Indian grocery online Germany is a convenient and hassle-free option considering the situation of pandemic all through the world. However, the traditional option of touch and feel gets eliminated. But the time, energy, and resources to shop Grocery online are reduced.

Indian Grocery Online Shopping Advantages

Other than saving your time from standing in those long billing queues in the Supermarket, Buying Grocery Online has many other advantages as well. Here are some of the most important advantages of buying Indian Grocery from the Indian Grocery Store Online in Germany.

#1 Doorstep Delivery

Who doesn’t like to get their Grocery delivered to their doorstep? Especially those who are too lazy to visit the supermarket find this advantage quite appealing. All you have to do is place your order from the best Indian grocery stores online in Germany and wait for it to get delivered for you. The best part about doorstep delivery is that you can easily track your order to know the exact date and time of when it will reach you.

#2 Use Your Online Grocery Shopping History

Unlike offline shopping, online grocery shopping is more convenient and sorted. For instance, whatever grocery item you purchase from an Online Grocery Website gets saved in your shopping cart history. Next time it will start showing your frequently bought products, helping in missing out on some products.

#3 Keeps an Eye on the Spending

Another significant advantage of Online Grocery Buying is that you can easily regulate your total spending by removing some items from the Shopping Cart. In short, you can never go out of your budget while shopping for groceries online.

#4 Multiple Payment Options

Whether cash or card (debit/credit), there’s an advantage of multiple payment options while ordering through an Indian grocery store online in Germany.

#5 Discounts and Offers

Last but not least, what makes online grocery shopping more appealing is the great discounts and offers you get in the form of Coupon Codes, Bulk Order Discounts, Cashbacks, etc. 

DOOKAN – One Stop Solution for Indian Grocery Shopping in Germany

There are many online Indian grocery stores in Germany that offer a fantastic shopping experience for their customers. But for you, we have brought the most user-friendly and the best Indian grocery store online in Germany – Dookan.

Dookan solves one of the most significant issues faced by online customers, i.e., Trustworthiness, by claiming to provide Fresh and Hygienic products and by providing them. To prove this, we have curated a list of why you must order Indian groceries online in Germany from this top-class store. Scroll down to read more!

  • The store has some of the most famous Indian Grocery brands like MDH, Patanjali, TRS, MTR, and more.
  • You can find almost all the raw ingredients like Rice, Pulses, Spices, etc., that are required to prepare Indian meals.
  • All their orders are delivered through DPD (leading delivery agent in Europe) and their delivery vans, making them superfast amongst the competitors.
  • In terms of quality check, no other online store can beat the freshness and hygiene of the products offered by Dookan.
  • You can easily track your order and on-time package delivery.
  • Dookan offers a 14 Day Replacement Policy for any expired or damaged product.
  • Other features offered by the store are a Flat 5% Discount on orders through Mobile App, Promo code MOBILEAPP05, Unlimited Cashbacks, 10% off on orders above 99 Euros, and many more.


Make your shopping experience for Indian Grocery in Germany more fun and exciting. All you have to do is know the right place and order your favorite products. Dookan, as the finest Indian grocery store online in Germany, may not only help you save your time but is also worth your money.