The Next Evolution – The Wolf Pack Launches a World First ‘MFT’

The biggest meme coin of 2022?

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Why? – Everyone loves a joke.

“Fate loves irony. The most entertaining outcome is often the most ironic.” – Elon Musk

And it’s no secret Elon Musk loves his Dogecoin. He famously said Dogecoin was invented as a joke essentially to make fun of Cryptocurrency!

What about the biggest MFT (meme fungible token)?

Oh? There isn’t one yet…

And this is where we introduce you to the next best joke, and a reminder of what we love about this space.

What Is The Wolf Pack (PACK)?

The Wolf Pack, or the PACK as they are commonly referred, is a satirical brand that brings the best of meme-coin culture to NFT’s, with plans to expand their into industries such as fashion, events and gaming.

The Wolf Pack promotes owning their token $PACK, or one of their upcoming “Night Out” ‘MFT’s’ as owning the joke of “over-promised utility and under-delivered roadmaps”. The Wolf Pack do this by taking a meta approach to what they are, constantly making fun of themselves and all the typical marketing gimmicks used to promote other low cap coins and launching NFT series. 

In a recent AMA, one of the founders said “We wanted to establish ourselves as a reminder of the fun that can be had within the crypto community”. In this community, PACK looks after PACK – that means rewards, connections and passive generation for the people that build it!

They do this firstly through their recently launched token, $PACK. $PACK is a satirical coin inspiring holders to completely own the meaningless value of tokens whilst simultaneously making fun of the meme-coin space. Ironically, the token does provide utility and incentive to holders with the founders looking to continually expand its use-case.

Additionally, The Wolf Pack aim to deliver a full MFT series with cross benefits to their token $PACK. Their goal, as stated in their community groups, is to inspire the next wave of NFT adopters by breaking down the stigma through thought leadership and humour, in a similar vein to DogeCoin who triggered a leap by many Crypto investors with its use of irony.

Who Are the Founders of The Wolf Pack?

The Wolf Pack states in their brand values they were created for three reasons:

1. To make fun of and enjoy the entire meme-coin scene 2. To make fun of and highlight NFT ‘jpegs’

2. To have a wholesome, roasting community that shows love in its purest form 

To deliver on this, the founders firmly believe in a healthy barrier of Anonymity. They believe the focus should be on The Wolf Pack and its core values, not on the team behind the vision.  By keeping their identity secret, the joke lives beyond what a couple of Crypto enthusiasts thought up after one too many beers.

The team have taken a transparent approach to their anonymity, communicating updates and insights regularly with the community whilst maintaining active levels of engagement in their platforms.

With a firm commitment to never sell their allocated $PACK, and their ethos of under promise and over deliver, the team live out their values by avoiding marketing gimmicks, and focusing on the community.

What Makes The Wolf Pack Unique?

In a recent Medium article, the founders communicate their vision for “The Wolf Pack ecosystem, linking $PACK (coin) and The Wolf Pack Night Out (NFT’s) with cross utility”.

The founders communicate in more detail, “The Wolf Pack: Night Out will consist of 8888 Fully unique NFT’s with each holder unlocking exchangeable utility for $PACK, and access to exclusive events, parties and networking opportunities” as they continue to build out the brand.

Cross utility was built into their token from launch, with 2% of taxes set aside for their “Party Pot” feature.

The “Party Pot” goes DIRECTLY back to the PACK, and is part of how they plan to fund the exclusive benefits of their NFT holders.

Secondly, is their idea of passive income. First established in their Tokenomics through rewarding of current holders with BUSD reflections from transactions, the team expanded on this recently saying “We were around to witness the success of CyberKongz, KaijuKingz and many other passive income NFT collections. We have innovative plans in place that incorporate $PACK and TWP:NO with a similar, but unique premise, by both passively receiving $PACK and the ability to spend it”.

It’s still not wen_lambo for The Wolf Pack, but wen_daewoo. You’re repping a different kind of flex with a Night Out NFT – named for its intent…to be enjoyed!

How you can secure a Night Out NFT.

Currently, the only sure fire way to secure your spot is to become a holder of $PACK, with scaling rewards that can net you a free mint! If the bear market has your funds a little dry, The Wolf Pack will also be rewarding long time holders with no minimums on the amount of $PACK owned. Details are still to come on this, but they have teased a raffle system similar to what was seen with the wildly successful MekaVerse.

Currently, holders of these amounts can expect:

500,000,000,000 $PACKWhitelist and 1 Free MFT250,000,000,000 $PACKWhitelist and 40% Minting discount100,000,000,000 $PACKWhitelist and 10% Minting discount

Holders in excess of 500b will receive compounding benefits, unlocking a fresh “tier” after each free MFT milestone capped at a maximum 8 free MFT’s. E.g. A holder of 1.2T $PACK would receive two free NFT’s with the ability to purchase an extra at mint with a 10% discount.

Where Can I Buy The Wolf Pack (PACK)?

$PACK is currently available on PancakeSwap, with their liquidity pool locked until December 29th 2022, and early whitelisting opportunities are just starting to appear on their Discord. Make sure to check out their website for more information.

We wonder, what will $1000 invested today be worth in a year from now?


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