A Storm is Hitting the Hedge Funds industry: The New Era is Blockchain and AI

The Asset Management landscape is closed to change forever. A fresh Singapore-based Financial Institution is promising to change the rules of the game with his unique proposition: creating a Collective Intelligence based on the contribution of a swarm of 10,000 anonymous Data Scientists competing in a decentralized and distributed forecasting competition, blockchain based.

To succeed in his mission, Rocket Capital Investment is rewarding 1 million “MUSA” tokens to incentivize Data Scientists to join the competition.

(Request your MUSA tokens here: https://rocketcapital.ai/airdrop/)

The old idea of a centralized hedge fund has days numbered – said Davide Capoti – CEO of the company, financial markets are more complex than ever and to extracts value you can’t anymore rely on small team and limited AI models, you need the most talented people in the world exploring the hardest models ever.

We have aerospace engineers, chemists, physicists, biologists, geologists, researchers from all over the field applying AI models to our numbers, what they do is crunching numbers of an obfuscated dataset and sending submissions in 01 value range, then Rocket do the rest combining models with its proprietary technology.

“We run a weekly machine learning competition” – said Giovanni Trombetta, CIO of the company – “Data Scientists only need a wallet, at least 100 MUSA tokens to stake on their models and their machine learning skills on the game”, the rest is in charge of a set of smart contracts coordinating all the competition processes, guaranteeing non-tamperability and privacy of the exchanged files. 

A user-friendly dApp allowing Data Scientists to interact with the contracts, download datasets, and submit predictions in a safe and verifiable way; all the underlaying technicalities like Polygon, IPFS, cryptography, etc. are handled by the application and the smart contracts in a transparent way.  

“At the end of each week, the performance of the submitted predictions can be decrypted from IPFS, classified against the real market data, ranked, and published” – said Roberto Giaccio, CTO of the company.

“Participants could earn 3 types of token rewards: MUSA “staking reward”, granted for the simple action of staking in the Competition; “challenge reward” for the weekly best predictions; and a “competition reward” assigned based on the participant’s historical performance, a sort of career reward.”

“It’s time to update the Asset Management industry to the power of the blockchain – concludes Davide Capoti, CEO of the company – we have now the technologies to boost transparency and fairness: we propose a win-win model, Data Scientists get paid in a fair and decentralized competition while Rocket Capital leverages their contributions fueling thousands of models in its hedge fund engine, reaching new frontiers of discovering.”

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Company Name: Rocket Capital Investment
Contact Person: Davide Capoti
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Country: Singapore
Website: www.rocketcapital.ai