6 Easy Steps on Getting Traffic to a Brand New Website

As a marketer, the question of why you are unable to drive traffic to your website is quite a hexing one. If you have been struggling to attract traffic to your website, you are not alone. Most content professionals find it challenging to find staff who are experienced in content strategy. Now, whether you want to boost traffic to a free spins page in a virtual casino or to an online course, it’s all here. In this article, we will discuss some incredible ways to boost website traffic without hiring a digital marketing agency. 

Methods To Increase Website Traffic

Some of the best and simplest methods to learn how to increase website traffic:

  1. Perform A Keyword Search

You must always include business-relevant keywords in your content. You should also ensure that the keywords are used naturally, not simply stuffed into the content that the readers get distracted or detract from the main idea. The keywords need to be distributed evenly throughout the content – use them in the headers, the URL, the page title, the meta description, and throughout the content. 

You can use various tools to conduct keyword research like SEMRush, Ahrefs, and Moz. These platforms will show you valuable information to guide keyword strategy like related keywords, the expense of the keyword pay-per-click, how often people search for keywords, the keywords used by your competitors, etc. 

You can also hire the services of an SEO agency as they can perform audits and valuable insights to identify issues that may prevent your platform from showing up in the search engines and increase blog traffic. 

  1. Create Memorable Content

It is simply not enough to post content; you will have to create something that cuts through the noise and is memorable. Memorable and useful content will always stay on top and increase traffic on your website. 

People use Google to find thorough and specific answers for their questions; your content should be such that it provides answers to these questions. Research has proven that sites that feature blog content can generate 434% more searches in search engines. Additionally, websites that upload more than 16 posts in a month have 3.5 times more traffic than sites that upload only 2-4 articles. 

Overall, you need to understand the type of content that you want to produce. You should post regularly and understand what your audiences are looking for. This will improve the web traffic of your online platform. 

  1. Keep Your Social Media Pages Active

Social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., are great for attracting visitors. You can start posting content like videos, infographics, white papers, e-books, and blogs across various social media platforms to attract visitors to your website. You should also use relevant hashtags on these platforms to increase traffic to the website. 

Additionally, it is not enough to simply keep posting content. It is also important that you try to interact with your followers by replying to their messages and comments, tagging them, reposting their content, etc. You can also update the link in your bio to promote new content when you upload them. 

You can also tag influencers you think would be interested in your posts. In turn, they will promote the content with their followers, increasing the number of visits to your website. If people are asking questions, always be prompt and reply back to them. 

  1. Make Use Of Advertisements

Advertising via display ads, social media, and paid search has become efficient to increase traffic to your website. Each option has its sets of advantages and disadvantages – for instance, an individual can block display ads, and the average cost of each click for Google Ads can be between $1 and $2 per click on the search network. Therefore, it is imperative to set your goals and budgets before investing your money to increase website traffic fast. 

For example, it is important to begin with a single campaign and some ad groups containing the keyword you want to target the most when doing PPC (pay per click) ads. After the campaign starts, you can check how the audiences behave to various keywords. 

  1. Create Industry-Helpful Content Or Tool

One of the best ways to drive more traffic is by giving prospects something of use. For instance, you have created an editorial calendar template for any content marketing agency, which can be downloaded for free. This way, you are providing a tool for marketers to create and post content more easily. 

By creating various tools and content that can help others in the same industry will drive traffic to your website. This way, you will attract more traffic to your website as well as find new leads. Alternatively, you can also promote these tools and content on various LinkedIn groups. 

  1. Exchange Backlinks

Since many companies today are trying to increase traffic to their websites, you can try backlink exchanges. You can reach out to relevant platforms and offer your content as an additional resource. For extra incentive, you can add one of their links to your posts too to increase traffic to your website. 

It has been studied that this method can help you reach out to various websites and allow one another to share posts on their platforms. This can lead to a significant increase in the views. All you need to do here is to find the right partner to exchange the backlink; if done right, you will score big!

Final Thoughts 

The methods mentioned above are just some of the many ways to help you learn how to increase social media traffic. If you have the budget to spare, you can easily buy and increase online traffic from Quora, Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc. 

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Guest Author’s Bio:

Thomas Glare is a freelance blogger and an online marketer. He writes to help web owners such as Novoline online and online businesses to establish themselves on the internet. Thomas provides useful information for beginners and existing website owners to help them have a strong online presence and attract more traffic to their sites.