SpecTrue Encourages Users to Do Well by Doing Good

Kiev, Ukraine, December 8, 2021 – A torrent of young adults diagnosed on the autism spectrum is about to be unleashed on mainstream society, without adequate resources to address their many needs. SpecTrue offers a metaverse website designed to meet the burgeoning needs of these individuals. Through proprietary artificial intelligence, SpecTrue analyzes data captured during the user’s immersive website experience to assist with social networking, education, life skills, income generation, dating, therapeutic treatments and an array of other crucial subjects. With personalized landing pages that include tabs for a built-in messenger, community page, library and sponsored games to earn tokens, our multiple dimensional digital universe offers unfettered access to a treasure trove of helpful content that is beneficial to the user and his community at-large.

Designed to capture more than 1,000 data points in a manner that is fun and engaging, the SpecTrue site will be invaluable in identifying the most effective treatments, tailored to the individual user. Data points will include home dynamic, triggers, vaccines, sleep patterns, IQ, EQ, problem solving techniques and more. Once collected, the data will be stored using blockchain technology and analyzed with predictive modeling to unlock potential lynch pins in therapeutic approaches. Millions of people with autism, as well as their families, will be guided toward the best treatments available while avoiding the unnecessary costs of ineffective treatments. Because autism is a global pandemic, SpecTrue will also focus on establishing up to seven (7) 100+ resident orphanages around the world to serve developmentally delayed youth in under-served countries.

SpecTrue is currently accepting investors who are either involved with or interested in the blockchain or cryptocurrency marketplace to fund this groundbreaking endeavor. This project is dynamic, meeting investor needs without compromising on its overall implementation. Benefits include, but are not limited to: financial income to investors & supporters; goodwill for the cryptocurrency marketplace; proof of concept using blockchain with green technology; tailored therapy to orphans who will be under our care; and integration of online users into mainstream society through better training, mentorships, education, NFT sponsorships and income-producing opportunities that build confidence and promote independence. The Initial Managing Member of SpecTrue is James Holz, Esq., an accomplished litigation attorney specializing in securities law and holder of seven (7) different financial related licenses.

Combine your passion for securities, autism and cryptocurrency in one philanthropic endeavor.

For more information, visit: www.SpecTrue.me

Media Contact
Company Name: SpecTrue
Contact Person: James M Holz
Email: james@spectrue.me
Country: Ukraine
Website: www.SpecTrue.me