Marpple Corporation launches Global All-in-one NFT Solution – OMNUUM

Marpple Corporation, which runs the Creator Content Commerce Platform ‘MarppleShop’, launches the All-in-one NFT Solution ‘OMNUUM’ project. The company makes inroads into the global NFT markets through its Singapore based overseas corporation.

NFT Profile Picture (NFT PFP) attracts attention of professional creators, illustrators and graphic artists, but is considered as a difficult area with high barriers to enter because it requires blockchain or coding knowledges for production, and takes high costs and time even with help of professional developers.

Omnuum is a solution that provides the essential functionalities for the NFT PFP project. It composes a custom NFT PFP project with fragmented blockchain technologies and builts an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI).

The core function is the ‘Generative Art’ builder tool. The tool creates random artworks by self-arranging image sources which are inputted by computer algorithm.  Once a creator uploads the required image files of eyes, nose, and mouth for the profile and determines the scarcity, one button click generates a random profile image. The GUI is also provided to issue and distribute the ‘Smart Contract’, which contains issuance and the transaction details of the NFT PFP.

The ‘Reveal’ function, which randomly issues NFT PFPs in an undisclosed form and releases them after sale, enhances random distribution fairness using a Chainlink Variable Random function (VRF) technology. Chainlink VRF is a technology that generates and provides transparent, reliable and verifiable random values based on cryptography. The Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) upload function is also integrated to prevent NFT data loss.

In addition, the company offers ‘Minting’, which converts randomly generated Generative arts into NFT PFP, ‘Minting Schedule Builder,’ which manages minting schedules and criteria for whitelist (NFT pre-sales list), and the ability to build a personal website for a creator.

The NFT PFPs, produced by Omnuum, can be traded freely through all of the global marketplaces including OpenSea. You can also visit the creator’s Omnuum based website and trade with MetaMask, a form of personal crypto wallet.

Marpple Corporation is planning to extend its support for networks including Solana, Polygon and Klaytn gradually, starting with Ethereum, to develop Omnuum as a multichain NFT solution. In the second half of this year, the opening of NFT Marketplace Builder for individuals and businesses on Omnuum is also scheduled. It will accelerate the expansion of the global NFT business through its overseas corporation in Singapore, which blockchain base is well established.

“We have built an automated one-stop print-on-demand (POD) system for creators to sell physical products in our existing MarppleShop, and then with Omnuum, wanted to complete the content IP business solution system, which cross over physical and virtual products” said Hyeyun Park, CEO of Marpple Corporation, “We look forward to creating a new creative world that enables creators to extend their creative paths to the blockchain by using Omnuum’s advanced services”.

Marpple Corporation operates the Creator commerce platform ‘MarppleShop’. The platform allows a creator to easily create a one-person shop by providing a creator with all the services from production and sales to delivery and inventory management.

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