Blockchain-based Ecosystem $XMDEX -MetaDEX to provide affordable housing options to bypass credit and mortgage systems with real world point of sale transaction hardware infrastructure

$XMDEX MetaDEX is a Hyper Deflationary Token with 4% ETH Rewards to the Holders. MetaDEX will be creating a complete ecosystem and will offer following: Exchange, Wallet, Debit, NFT Marketplace, Blockchain, Web3 Apps, ATM/POS System integration, discounted land/housing in MetaDEX Communities.

Georgetown, March 30th 2022– XMDEX, is a new venture in blockchain technology, has today released a white paper outlining further details of its token structure, ecosystem and confirming that it’s ICO will commence on April 1st 2022.

A number of intended partnerships are set to be announced in the coming months, which will see the platform installed on millions of ATM and Point of sale systems, particularly in the fast-growing South-East Asian and South Asian markets where it seeks to break into these markets and give Access to millions of ‘unbanked’ consumers. MetaDEX already has partnerships with the manufacturers of the ATM and POS systems to be distributed to retailers worldwide with XMDEX and other Crypto payment options.

With the XMDEX platform, customers will be able to purchase XMDEX tokens in cash through the existing exchanges and the XMDEX DEX tool.  Customers will be able to use these tokens at any authorized retailer, or to buy land purchased by the MetaDEX company to be resold to holders at cost or discount.  MetaDEX mission is to provide affordable housing options from buying apartment buildings and raw land for development, and then selling it back to the token holders to create affordable housing options and sustainable “Crypto Communities”.

XMDEX will be powered on BSC, but will be migrated to it’s own MetaDEX blockchain in the next year or two. MetaDEX holders will be able to trade coins for free on the DEX and, get a 50% discount on trading fees on the CEX. MetaDEX will create it’s own cold wallet system to interact with the Point of sale retail devices securely, and easily.

The token-based XMDEX platform will give developers access to tens of millions of game and app consumers who do not use credit or debit cards (the World Bank Global Finance Index 2014 identified 2 billion unbanked’ adults worldwide), yet do have relatively easy access to cash and 3G/LTE smartphones.

The platform will also offer it’s own Metaverse access, NFT market, Gaming and digital content creation tools.  The name “MetaDEX” stands for “decentralized data”, in the sprit that companies like META, GOOGLE, etc should not be the holders or gatekeepers of our personal data any longer.

MetaDEX Unique housing options will launch within 1 year, the goal for urban apartments is to purchase the building, and then apply the residents rent payments in tokens to buy the unit bypassing the traditional credit and mortgage systems. The sustainable Crypto Communities will be raw or semi-developed land purchased and sold back to holders who wish to participate In the sustainable community building, farming etc.

MetaDEX recognizes the huge problem with power consumption in blockchain, this is something we wish to offset/correct by installing our own solar power in our communities not only to power the community, but also to power the blockchain.  We will be teaming up with TESLA, to use products like Tesla Powerwalls to store the energy, for vehicle charging stations, and optional Tesla Tiny Houses for people who want more land less house. With the interest in colonizing mars increasing, we want to offer options for experiments on earth with some of our communities.

ICO to commence on April 1st 2022 Worldwide except the United States

The XMDEX ICO will commence on April 1st 2022 for 30 days; 2 Trillion tokens will be available for presale on Pinksale.Finance.

Following the conclusion, XMDEX will be listed on Pancakeswap immediately and available to the public.

About MetaDEX

MetaDEX is an ecosystem, based on blockchain technology, which is set to transform the housing industry around the world. It is a venture that will help some 1.3 billion people fine affordable housing options and will make the push to make the use of crypto currency mainstream with its implementation in retail and housing.

Media Contact
Company Name: MetaDEX
Contact Person: Christopher Noland
Country: Cayman Islands

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