Buy Real Estate With Bitcoins in Thailand – 2023

Looking for real estate in Thailand can be a nerve-racking and daunting experience. Whether you need a real estate property for investment, rental site, or a new project, you always have the option of searching online. Searching for real estate online is a time-efficient and wisest means forward. Moreover, in todays smart and technical era, it is a smart investment to buy real estate with bitcoins in Thailand for individuals who want to invest their worth abroad.

To help you with this, several real estate agents are offering the service to buy real estate with bitcoin in Thailand. 

buy real estate with bitcoins in Thailand

Best Platforms to Buy Real Estate with Bitcoins in Thailand

#1 BitEstate

Bitestate is a platform that allows consumers to invest and buy real estate with bitcoins in Thailand. The website bridges the distance between the realm of cryptocurrency and a real asset.  

BitEstate helps you to search and buy real property with bitcoins in Thailand without a heck. You just need to select the property that you wish to buy and the rest is taken care of by the firm. You can buy anything ranging from beach houses, snug apartments, to classic island villas, making it worthy for BTC investment.

The BitEstate work with trustworthy real estate agents to advertise their real estate for sale online. The firm works with the latest blockchain system that makes the transactions online after the verification of both, the seller and buyer have been done. The firm assists you at all the levels of the purchase, right from the property visit to a safe crypto wallet. The company looks at the information of property from the most elaborate source to provide you personalized service. They help you to purchase a property that looks after your requirements. Also, they look after your preferences and ensure that you end up with the best deal. Moreover, the experts know how to deal with challenges and intricacies that are involved in selling or buying the property and manage all the details profitably and satisfactorily.

#2 FazWaz

FazWaz is a leading firm known for renting, buying, or selling property in Thailand.

Creating a foundation of knowledge of real estate can be a daunting process because the information is dispersed at different places over the internet and an individual is not able to affirm a point of initiation.

FazWaz has been created to look after the same and help you with all the steps to buy a property in Thailand with bitcoins. The interactive stage enables you to select your path as you walk through the entire process. This implies that the information that is provided to an individual adheres to his requirements.

The FazWaz team specializes in standard projects while providing access to amazing payment and pricing plans. Whether you want to buy a property with BTC for holiday, retirement purpose, investment purpose, or personal use, the FazWaz has got it all covered.

#3 provides a functional and clean search experience allowing the individuals to search for data based on several parameters such as area, MRT/BTS station, general property features, or condos.

It helps you to search for property for sale from renowned agents and developers. It also provides several homes to rent, buy, and selling. You just need to enter to the location on the website, enter the type of property, and filter the price range with the count of bedrooms required.

The database will find a property as per your choice and will let you buy real estate with bitcoins in Thailand and Nearby areas like Bangkok very easily. 

#4 Hipflat

The online portal provides a differentiated search experience. The website provides a functional user interface that is based on the condo. The visitors can look for condos directly through the list of property results or map search.

The website classifies listing of properties in condo construction pages and showcases the properties that are available in the form of grids. The display enables the user to scan the properties and compare their prices. 

The pages consist of information such as count of units available, age of the condo, its distance from MRT or BTS station, and many more. Moreover, they possess countless investment data, price graphs, and the average yield of the rent.

#5 Prakard

Prakard is a renowned website destination that is well-known for its property bargains. The main plus point and attractive feature of the website are that an individual can contact the seller or the landlord directly via its portal. Hence, it helps in negotiating a direct deal. Along with property owners, professional and freelance agents can also post on the website about their listings.

#6 DD property

The DD property is an established property portal round the world. The website features the wealth of a house, new projects, commercial and condo listings. It also provides a vast range of real estate properties in Thailand with a luring categorization of prices and specifications.

These were some of the best platforms to buy real estate with bitcoins in Thailand!