Bull & Unicorn Crypto Labs Welcomes NIKKI21 and VISHAL21

Mumbai – November 30th, 2021 – The day has finally arrived where we get to experience some versatile crypto coins from our beloved celebrities. The Bull & Unicorn Crypto Labs team has called upon various artists and influencers to launch their very own crypto coins for their diehard fans to know them even better and promote the campaign #AamAadmiKaCrypto. This campaign is set to inform the audience that they too can have their very own cryptocurrency just like the celebrities they adore. And aren’t they starting out with a bang! This Wednesday they have lined up two celebrities from the entertainment industry, whom we have admired on television and on our favourite social media apps. Introducing the official coins of Nikki Tamboli and Vishal Pandey!

Nikki Tamboli is launching her official coin called NIKKI21 that is going to be the hallmark of glamour and class. The glittering gold and the sleek design is going to elevate your crypto portfolio to new standards and bring a spotlight to your wealth, status and personality. Nikki Tamboli of Bigg Boss fame, had started her journey with modelling and acting in South Indian films which paved the way for her to enter the Bigg Boss house hosted by Salman Khan to entertain the entire nation. Mimicking her illustrious career, NIKKI21 is set to be a global currency that embraces elegance and sophistication in technology and design, making it a supremely luxurious and collectible crypto coin. Her fans will be able to access exclusive content, merchandise and meet and greets by supporting her via NIKKI21.

“Super excited to launch this initiative in India. Empowering the population of India has been at the forefront of many of the ventures we have previously worked on, and no progress can truly happen until there is financial progress,” said Nisha Ramakrishnan, co-founder of Bull & Unicorn Crypto Labs. “We are looking forward to providing the tools and technologies that have helped millions globally to our friends in India,” she added.

Next up on the roster is Vishal Pandey, popularly known to be a member of the group called Teen Tigada, that creates TikTok and have their own YouTube Channel with over 1.5 million subscribers! On the track to fulfilling his dream of being an actor he has been the recipient of the Young Achiever Award in 2021 and International Iconic Style Icon in 2020. The official coin for Vishal Pandey, called VISHAL21 is meant for young creators in India who aspire to be influencers and want to get on the same roadmap as Vishal. This is going to eliminate previous walls and allow fans to be able to collaborate with and gain access to never-before-seen content and one-of-a-kind NFTs.

The founders have been working around the clock to launch this initiative and provide the Indian audience another medium to connect with their beloved celebrities and have all the resources to be able to create their own crypto tokens as well. Rahul Ramakrishnan, co-founder of Bull & Unicorn Crypto Labs says, “It is a dream come true for the public to be able to trade crypto tokens of their favorite celebrities and to be launching their own tokens. This platform will catapult India to a leadership position in the world of virtual assets.”

The founders have decided to debut their platform in India, seeing the immense potential and talent that is present. “As an American, Indians have been so welcoming to me and B&U Crypto. I have seen so much untapped brilliant creativity in India’s younger generation and I can’t wait to see what amazing projects Indians will launch on our platform,” said Nathan Ryweck, co-founder of Bull & Unicorn Crypto Labs.

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