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Simple WordPress SEO Strategy for Beginners

wordpress SEO strategy

What does an effective WordPress SEO strategy actually look like? If you have been struggling to get onto the first page with your WordPress store, you might need to rethink your approach to digital marketing and how you optimize your website to boost the organic traffic.

Your WordPress SEO strategy needs to take into account a variety of key factors, such as keyword research, the content you are writing on your category pages and blog, and the backlinks you are cultivating. The truth is that SEO has become extremely technical and complex, and to even begin to get any results you need a strategic approach.

wordpress SEO Strategy

Beginning the WordPress SEO Strategy

Everyone wants to rank on page one but the reality is that that is impossible. There’s only 10 spaces, of course, and even that doesn’t do the situation justice because if you appear on the bottom of page one your traffic will still not be quite where you want it. Your ultimate goal is to appear at or near the top of the SERPs, but how do you get there?

Your WordPress SEO strategy needs to begin with in-depth keyword research. You need to go beyond the same old keywords and really do an industry deep dive. What are shoppers in your niche searching for and how can you find the best possible opportunities that will allow you to accrue domain authority? It’s not enough to simply target the highest volume keywords in your niche, especially if you have no strategy or low domain authority.

Next you have to consider the way in which you use these keywords. Sure, WordPress is great for SEO (you’ve probably heard this a million times) and with the help of plugins like Yoast SEO, you likely are moving in the right direction at least. But the fact remains that most search engine optimizations have to be performed manually. There’s no plugin or app that will locate the best keywords for your business and then magically spin content for you and place that content on the best places on your website. All of that has to be performed by someone knowledgeable with SEO and eCommerce SEO trends.

The best way to figure out how to use your keywords is to develop a content strategy. You have to analyze each of the pages on your website and detect where you want your users to go based on certain keywords, which will best result in them taking action.

After you have a strategy down for how best to use your keywords and create valuable content, there’s more work to be done. Now you have to think about optimizing your site speed and making sure that the user experience you are offering your shoppers feels professional and fluid. This is one aspect of SEO that many forget to take into account, and it gets more important with each passing year. You want to work hard to ensure your users feel as though their needs are being met when visiting your web pages.

Let the Experts do their Job

If all of this seems like too much to take on alone, you’re right. These days, most online stores opt to work with dedicated digital marketing agencies that specialize in WordPress SEO strategies in order to help them climb up the SERPs.

Unless you are well-versed in search engine optimization and have a ton of spare time on your hands (both unlikely), you’re going to want to get in touch with a skilled eCommerce SEO agency  or a team of marketing experts that work exclusively with eCommerce merchants in order to strengthen the online presence and rankings.

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