Social Media Marketing Tips For Next-Gen Marketers – 2020 Edition



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    Social media platforms have grown their importance massively in recent years and brands are investing hugely in social media marketing constantly to leverage the massive audience. 

    The fact is that there are over 3.5 billion active social media users globally and this makes it the biggest and most accessible marketing platform for the brands and marketers. 

    But social media has been evolving constantly for the benefit of both users and brands, so it is essential that you cope up with the changes by updating your social media marketing strategy. 

    So, here we have listed the current scenario of social media marketing and the best social media marketing tips for 2020. 

    Social Media Marketing – The Current Scenario

    Social media is a place where billions of people globally log in every day to explore and engage with creative, informative, and diversified content along with communication & interaction possibilities with their networks. 

    And nowadays most of the users are leveraging it to explore and evaluate new brands, products, and services and platforms like Instagram are being used for shopping as well. 

    Given these audience attributes and the presence of massive audiences from different demographics, brands have realized an opportunity to connect with their consumers, promote their offerings, and build their overall brand influence. 

    So, in 2020 social media marketing is more consumer-driven and consumer-centric. We have listed the most important social media marketing tips for 2020 to boost your efforts. 

    Best Social Media Marketing Tips 2020

    1. Identify The Platform(s) For You

    social media marketing tips 2020

    Let me tell you something bluntly – There are rarely such brands or businesses who are meant to be feasible for every social media platform out there and not every brand can perform best on each and every platform. 

    This is a mistake that most of the brands make that they delegate their budgets and efforts to many platforms that don’t help them and it leads to resource wastage and minimum growth due to diversified efforts. 

    Instead; you should focus on one or two social media platforms that have your maximum target audience and favorable features as this will help you make more focused and targeted campaigns with efficient budget allocation along with maximum growth possibilities. 

    2. Leverage Ephemeral Content For Engagement

    What is ephemeral content you may be wondering? Well! Ephemeral content is the dynamic and disappearing content that is uploaded on social media platforms like Instagram stories or Snapchat content

    social media marketing tips

    See as the content is uploaded for shorter duration, it leads to attracting more people to the content by leveraging the element called FOMO i.e. Fear of missing out. 

    Besides, such content also requires lesser time investment from the users and it is more creative and unique as compared to feed content. This helps in increasing user engagement with the content and also interaction with the users. 

    3. Build Brand With User-Generated Content

    To be honest, content is the most important element on social media platforms as it is the only thing you offer to your audiences besides having communication with them. 

    In content, user-generated content is the best option to share on your social profiles. UGC is the content that your customers or followers have created and shared and is relevant & valuable to your brand. 

    social media marketing tips 2020

    UGC is the most authentic, trustworthy, and reliable content for a brand as it is shared by real customers with real experiences. So, sharing such content on your profile will help in building brand trust & credibility. 

    Also, it leads to increased user engagement, saving costs of content creation, and encourage users to engage and interact more with your brand. 

    4. Social Media Integration With Other Channels

    As a brand or a marketer, you know that social media platforms are the best performing marketing channels and have a lot to offer as compared to the other marketing channels. 

    So, it is essential that you divert these possibilities and benefits to other marketing channels to magnify your audience reach, exposure, engagement, and conversions opportunities. 

    Using a tool like a UGC platform, you can integrate and aggregate the best of content from your social media profiles into a feed, be it branded content or UGC. You can then display this on channels like website, events, outdoor digital advertising, signages, emails, etc. 

    social media marketing tips for 2020
    Social Media UGC on Webiste

    This will leads to leveraging maximum benefits out of your marketing efforts with an integrated marketing environment leading to the growth of each and every channel & overall brand.

    5. Focus On Building Community & Loyal Following

    The key mistake that most inexperienced marketers make on social media is to focus on short-term promotions and instant engagement that doesn’t last for a longer period.

    The ultimate mantra of success on social media and become a successful and powerful brand among consumers, it is essential to have a huge favorable community and loyal following. 

    What community building and loyal following do is that it ensures that customers or users stay and follow your brand activities consistently. This will strengthen your brand image and help in improving user engagement, growth, and conversion possibilities. 

    6. Social Commerce Integration

    For those who are unaware of it, Social commerce is the integration of shopping features along with your social media content so that users can buy the products in real-time through content. 

    Social media is already popular among users for finding, exploring, and evaluating products and services for making their buying decisions. 

    best social media marketing tips

    Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, etc are already providing functionalities for social commerce. So, you can leverage it to convert the users’ intention into conversion instantly with shoppable posts. 

    This will improve your sales along with engagement and for consumers, it will become easier to find products, shorter buying journeys, and much more.

    Wrap Up

    These were some of the best social media marketing tips for 2020 that will greatly help you strengthen your brand presence on social media and along with that boosting growth across other marketing channels as well. 

    All of these tips are somehow linked to making your user experience better and that is the key to social media marketing in 2020 as user experience is the key influencer on users’ investment decisions. 

    So, start leveraging these social media marketing tips to drive growth and success. 

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