How To Improve WiFi Signal Range With The Superboost Range Extender

Wondering how to improve wifi singal range easily?

The superboost wifi extender is the latest wireless technology single-band range extender. It takes the signal of the existing wireless network and then boosts the wifi signal while utilizing IEEE 802.11b/g/n wireless network standard. This router has internal antennas that ensure a strong wireless internet signal and smoothly delivers the network device, which is connected. The superboost range extender is an extremely high wifi network speed and extending exist wireless wifi network signal with a speed up to 300Mbps. With the 300 Mbps wifi network speed of this router, you can easily seamlessly enjoy music, download long files from the web lag-free. This extender supports the WPS button, while utilizing this button you can connect your computer or router to this range extender quickly and safely.

Through the WPS button, the superboost wifi booster setup is simple which means not complicated. It has a smart LED indicator that helps you find the connection between the router and extender is good or bad. The superboost extender is compatible with the existing wireless router and default gateway.

Improve Wifi signal range with the superboost range extender

The superboost wifi wireless range extender creating high-speed wifi, long-range wireless network coverage and a stable wifi network. If you want to improve wifi signal range with the superboost range extender then follow the given steps

Move your existing wifi router

The superboost wifi range extender delivers strong wifi network connectivity by which you seamlessly enjoy the wifi network in the whole home, offices, or apartment. If you think about how to create a powerful wifi network with the superboost extender, then you need to move your existing wifi router. For this, you should keep your router near your extender, that is, the room where the extender is router should be in the same room. Now, you can turn ON the extender and router with the power button. Afterward, while utilizing the WPS button and properly set up the extender. Now, you can turn ON the extender and router with the power button.

Modify the wireless setting

If you want to powerful wifi network signal with the superboost weireless extender, then you get it easily. For this, you can modify the wireless setting, for this, it gave a better wifi signal. By which you can simply create the power wifi range. To modify the wireless setting, log in to the extender through the extender’s IP address, username, and password. This information fills in their fields. Then, navigate the wireless setting and change the password, So that no more devices can be connected to it. Change the wireless network name, you can also change the security encryption to get the batter range. After these modify the setting, you can click “apply” to save the modified setting.

Firmware update the superboost range extender

To get the powerful wifi network range with the superboost wifi range extender, then you should firmware update the extender. To update the firmware of this extender, firstly open the web browser on your laptop or computer. With the extender IP address, login to the extender account. Then, go to the “administrative” setting and select the option “firmware update”. After that, the firmware update page is open, in this page you appear in the section “browse”. In this, you must upload the firmware field. Then you locate the file and afterward upload it. After input, this file clicks the section “upgrade”. Now the firmware update of the superboost range extender process is running you can wait till the update process is finished.

Superboost wifi reviews

The superboost wifi range extender is an extremely superior device. It delivers ultimate wifi network coverage and speed. You can easily get your wi-fi range extender setup I used this extender, to boost the router wifi range. This wifi network range covers the 3rd floor and provides high-speed internet connectivity. By which you can enjoy the video conference with your friends, play online game and web surfing with the better connection. With the WPS button, you can simply set up the extender with the standard wifi router. It takes the signal of the router and then it regenerates the signal. Then, the superboost range extender amplifies the existing signal with better superboost wifi network speed.

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