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    Round Rock, Texas – Join us on February 7th and 8th, 2022 in Round Rock, Texas for the Crypto Mining Conference presented by Scott Offord! This two-day event will have experts speaking about current trends in the bitcoin mining industry, as well as technology and strategies that can make crypto mining ventures more profitable.

    As an entrepreneur with a strong background in the field of bitcoin mining equipment marketing and sales, Scott Offord enjoys identifying and reaching new business markets, growing online communities, training the next generation of bitcoin mining farm operators, and partnering with providers and customers to build systems and infrastructure to support blockchain projects and crypto asset generation.

    Scott’s Crypto Mining Conference will feature ASIC miner repair workshops, a bitcoin mega-farm tour, bitcoin industry giants as speakers, exhibits by energy providers and miner hosting companies, and other events to help the mining industry expand their network and find partners. Sessions cover topics including Bitcoin innovation, emerging technologies such as immersion cooling, alternative energy, and business essentials like network security and tax and policy. It’s the ultimate mix of education and networking for bitcoin miners!

    At Scott’s Crypto Mining Conference, you will learn about emerging trends and technologies from top experts in blockchain, Bitcoin, and crypto mining. Attendees can go to workshops and training on many topics: everything from how to fix their own equipment to tips and tricks on going public from experts who have been through the process.

    Don’t miss this opportunity if you’re interested in learning more from some of the biggest names in the business! Keynote speakers include Michael Saylor and Charlie Shrem. Michael Saylor is an entrepreneur, executive, inventor, author, and philanthropist. His resume is long and distinguished, and he currently focuses on engaging with companies, organizations, and governments to discuss the ways that his company, MicroStrategy, can help them realize the vision of intelligence everywhere.

    Charlie Shrem is a bitcoin advocate, entrepreneur, and leader for the cryptocurrency movement. He was one of the first people in America to accept cryptocurrency as payment for goods. Shrem currently hosts the podcast Untold Stories, which attempts to chronicle cryptocurrency through influential players’ eyes and experiences. The conference ends with a wrap party on Tuesday, February 8th that will be a fun and casual event for attendees of all ages! It will feature food stations and live entertainment to warm the crowd up before DJ Paul Oakenfold takes the stage. Oakenfold is known as an innovative and influential DJ who was voted the No. 1 DJ in the World twice in 1998 and 1999 by DJ Magazine. He’s a three-time Grammy-nominated DJ and two-time World Music Awards nominee. Scott Offord chose Kalahari Resort to host the Crypto Mining Conference as a way to set it apart as a family-friendly event. Scott’s goal is to build a welcoming community with a strong vendor network for beginner and veteran miners. The Kalahari Resort in Round Rock, TX is North America’s largest indoor waterpark with fun activities for the whole family. The African themed Kalahari resort features a state-of-the-art convention center, world-class dining, a luxurious spa, a cutting-edge arcade, and a thrilling theme park. Attendees are encouraged to enjoy all of the amenities and entertainment the Kalahari has to offer in this Texas-sized resort.

    Scott Offord is proud to bring a new kind of crypto mining conference to life for the first time. “I want to focus on real value and connections at my event. It’s important to me to create an event that people feel good attending with both their teams and their families,” said Scott Offord. The goal of Scott’s Crypto Mining Conference is to help the bitcoin mining community get connected, learn, and spread the word about the revolutionary world of cryptocurrency with a focus on Bitcoin mining. 

    The Kalahari Resorts make the wellness and safety of their guests a priority. A full list of their Covid initiatives can be found here:

    For more information regarding the Crypto Mining Conference, visit

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    Company Name: Scott’s Crypto Mining Conference
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