Online Fashion designing courses – Everything you must know

Are you in search of fashion designing courses online? Fashion Designing has been the favourite choice for people who wish to do something different from traditional courses, which gives them an opportunity to apply their artistic flair in creating aesthetic costumes and accessories and making a career in the glamorous fashion industry. 

online fashion designing courses

Now, when everything has come online, it has become a lot easier to learn anything without going anywhere. Online can provide you with many courses to choose from, but we understand that selecting a course that can help you make headway in your career is not easy. So to help you in your search, we have gathered a list of the best online fashion designing courses based on research done by our team that can aid you in gaining the required expertise essential for growth in the world of fashion. Let’s take a look – 

Online Fashion Designing Courses to Opt in 2021

#1 Udemy Online fashion Courses

Udemy offers a vast array of courses that can assist one in gaining certainly specialized and beginner and advanced level skills in the sphere of fashion. These courses, where you will learn under the guidance of industry experts, can help you acquire competency in vivid areas needed to be a versatile fashion designer such as sewing, anime, illustration, embroidery, pattern making, draping, sketching, and a lot more. The completely self-paced courses are mostly of short duration in pre-recorded lectures with specific assignments that give you the flexibility to learn vital concepts or enhance your knowledge anytime at any place as per your convenience. 

#2 Learn from Manish Malhotra

is one of the prominent institutes of India which excels in giving education through varied courses on the lines of designing. They aim to make student’s foundation strong by providing them with engaging, challenging, and relevant content. Their online fashion designing courses are created to foster fashion enthusiasts by Manish Malhotra to unleash their creativity in making innovative and exemplary designs that are currently demanded in the market. The courses will let you receive a broad understanding of fashion design software applications, designing, fashion innovation, fashion merchandising, together with textile designing, fashion strategy and management, and even sustainability. 

#3 The University of Fashion 

As the name suggests, the University of Fashion suggests pioneers in giving education in the realm of fashion. This website, established in the year 2013 by Francesca Sterlacci, a renowned American fashion Designer. It hosts the world’s foremost and most extensive online video library, which covers various important fashion design disciplines like fashion art, product development, fashion business, knits, accessories, children wear, to name a few. In these courses, you will be given step-by-step demonstrations by industry professionals via how-to video lesson tutorials \which will allow you to make outfits or costumes all by yourself. In addition to this, the college also gives you suggestions on videos that can be useful for you administering your current proficiency levels. 

#4 Learn to build a fashion brand (Master Class)

This is rated among the best online fashion designing courses, which allow you to grasp command in the subject matters of fashion by Diane Von Furstenberg, a famous fashion stylist. This master class of 17 modules is not just about learning theories but goes beyond that by teaching you how to develop your product, differentiate your brand, take your brand in the world, and promote your brand using social media channels, and much more. This course can be very fruitful for someone who wishes to start their venture or build a brand of their own in the field of fashion. 

#5 IAP College’s Fashion Designer Course

IAP Career College is counted as the leading institute in the arena of fashion. The college online courses cover several vital topics other than the basics of fashion designing such as what is the job of a fashion designer, what skills you need to grow in the fashion industry, how you can find a relevant job for you, how you can start your own fashion design business if you wish to couple with the mantras of marketing your designs and many more. This course can efficiently be completed in 6 weeks as recommended by the institute; however, you can take your own time to finish it according to your schedule. 

This sums up our list of best online fashion designing courses. I hope you had a great time reading this article and it helps you find a suitable course for you. We wish that you have a successful career in this ever-evolving fashion industry.