NEST Announces Completion of Oversubscribed Token Seed Round



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    24 February, 2022 – United Kingdom – NEST®, the first blockchain company to introduce immutable trust, provenance and protected data ownership through decentralised identity protocols, today announced the successful completion of their seed round of its utility token, Volary [VLRY]. Proudly led by Fenbushi Capital and BridgePort Group, the raise was upsized due to overwhelming demand.

    Seed Round Sale

    NEST® is a UK based blockchain pioneer in solutions for data ownership, asset authentication, and provenance. The token seed round sale was led by blockchain-focused, venture capital firms Fenbushi Capital and BridgePort Group. NEST® has secured strategic partnerships and support from a long list of other major players in the blockchain industry, including First Digital Trust, LD Capital, Enjin, Spark Labs, NVC, Next Chymia, Big Brain Holdings, Serafund, DWeb3, Vespertine, Double Peak and select family offices.

    Volary [VLRY] is a utility token which allows users of the NEST® platform to earn from their content creation, exchanges, community building, to staking and custody control of digital assets. Together, NEST® and Volary bring a new method of confidential, decentralised data ownership. The NEST® platform, which is built on a proprietary layer-one blockchain, adds unparalleled operational confidence as well as trust to the DeFi and NFT industries.

    Founding partner of Fenbushi Capital, Shen Bo said “Fenbushi backs the NEST® team for its persistence, passion, and true innovation. Believing that NEST® will be a super-App on Web3 that brings unprecedented privacy, data sovereignty and easy access to crypto assets, we are proud to be part of its exciting pursuit.”

    Introducing the First Omni-wallet with Proprietary Data Protection Technology

    The development roadmap for NEST® includes the launch of its hyper-secured, omni-wallet mobile application – publicly available on both iOS and Android operating systems in Q3 2022. The NEST® omni-wallet and cross-network solution come with additional layers of immutable, individually-set security that actively protect its users’ personal data alongside their varied digital assets. In particular, to combat the rampant capacity for copyright fraud in the NFT market, NEST® introduces proprietary decentralised identity protocols as well as artificial intelligence powered libraries which are available to NFT creators, collectors and owners. NEST® tools allow each user to personally safeguard their digital asset ownership-control. This NEST® wallet solution is the first-of-its-kind in the market, made available to both individuals and enterprises.

    Helping Enterprises Level Up Their Businesses into Web3 and Beyond

    As the demand for enterprise-level blockchain solutions grows, NEST® has established a dedicated service and team to provide customised corporate solutions for a broad range of operations seeking to begin their journey into Web3 and the Metaverse. Solutions include NFT-ticketing systems, bulk and omni-chain NFT minting, institutional custody solutions, and much more.

    Charles Anderson, Founder and CEO of NEST®, stated: “We are in discussions with multiple verticals from Fortune 500 companies, entertainment groups, asset management firms to art galleries, all asking to work with NEST®. Our immediate solutions help each capture the growing opportunities emerging in the blockchain space. For ourselves and all users, we’re beyond excited to see such exponential development in Web3 and to share how NEST® plays a part in shaping this future, which is defined by confidential and direct controls.”

    NEST® plans to announce the next private token round in the coming weeks, with the public listing of Volary [VLRY] on various exchanges by this summer, 2022.

    About NEST®

    Founded in 2017, NEST® is headquartered in the UK with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and India. NEST® is the first blockchain company to introduce immutable trust, provenance and protected data ownership through decentralised identity protocols. The company is leading the charge to bring truly distributed controls and broadly accessible Web3 solutions to the world.

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