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    San Francisco, 25th March, 2022: Starship Optimus is the new interplanetary cryptocurrency in the cosmos promising to fund a fleet of ships and robots on their journey to colonize Mars. The developers visualize a future where human civilization will migrate to various planets and own tangible planetary plots on Moon, Mars and beyond. These plots will be credited to their large community holders in the form of NFTs that are in the works to be auctioned soon this year. The presale has gone live this week for interested investors and crypto enthusiasts all over the planet.

    Inspired by Elon Musk’s words, “who controls the memes controls the universe”, the project heavily relies on the power of memes to create their community and use that as a building block to step into the realm of the Metaverse. Using the token to crowdfund the tech giants’ multiple initiatives like SpaceX Starships and Tesla Optimus robots, the developers aim to provide an opportunity to everyday citizens to participate in the space economy and one day start their own space faring journey.

    Their native token $STOP will be a community-driven science and technology backed token aiming to inhabit Mars and use the AI robots to create a new civilization where individuals cohabit with robots. Community holders are nudged to visualize a future where the robots conduct the everyday mundane tasks while they do something more meaningful. But Mars may not be too far away for their community since the team is building an experimental Mars base resort on a mountain top on a Hawaii island which will be available to long term holders of $STOP.

    In terms of their journey to the cosmos, SpaceX has already been awarded a lunar lander contract by NASA that has allowed them to reduce the cost to orbit by 95 percent with the Falcon 9. During their final deployment they hope to reduce that cost to a meager $10 per kilogram. With the transport being taken care of, the developers feel there is a certain gap to facilitate commercial activity in space. While the meme famous Dogecoin was the first cryptocurrency in space, Starship Optimus promises to bridge that gap and be a more viable option offering governance, smart contracts, internet-level scalability, privacy, quantum resistance and other enterprise grade features.

    The team also has the foresight that with an increase in space faring there is bound to be more man made debris in orbit. Thus, they have devised an initiative similar to credits provided to corporations as an incentive to be more sustainable and environment friendly in their operations. Starship Optimus’ initiative will award companies with a “space junk pollution credit” in the form of  $STOP tokens to those that design a solution to curb orbital debris and possibly recycle them too.

    The launch version of their token $STOP will be on BSC with a very high supply of 69 quadrillion tokens with 18 decimal places out of which 20 percent will be sold to the public in a presale, 42 percent in locked liquidity and the rest to be used for community building. In the subsequent time period after the launch, the developers intend $STOP to be multi-chain and they are studying various other blockchains like Cardano, Cosmos, Ethereum 2.0 and Kusama for the same. Ultimately their token will be interoperable with other blockchains for a greater fusion. Furthermore, they are in the works to delve into the metaverse for their community and also conduct independent research on space issues like artificial gravity and radiation shielding for human health, efficient systems for food production and much more. In the next couple of years, we could see this team launching their very own AMM, mint a bunch of cool NFTs and embark on their adventure of interplanetary civilization.

    About Starship Optimus: Starship Optimus represents the next generation of cryptocurrency tokens that have a futuristic vision when it comes to human civilization. Through their token they will fund development and research independently on pertinent issues and concepts related to orbital travel and make it safe and secure for all cosmonauts on board. The motto of the project is to develop gear and tech that will enable everyday citizens to launch their interplanetary journey and sprout a self-sustaining colony on various planets for many light years to come.





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