The DoGood Crypto Project: A Win-Win Charitable Campaign Set to Change Community Crowdfunding

When it comes to crowdfunding and community-driven platforms, no technology is more capable than blockchain and decentralized ledger technologies. At its core, the blockchain’s peer-to-peer framework allows for the development of a community-based platform where everyone gets to benefit in a truly win-win scenario.

One of the latest entrants into this space is the DoGood Crypto project. Founded by Randy McEwen, a philanthropic pastor with over 30 years of experience in non-profit and charitable organizations, the DoGood Crypto project is seeking to change the narrative of the pump and dump schemes.

Despite the many lucrative opportunities in the crypto space, the many scams that have proliferated the sector have led many to compare it to the wild west. However, the DoGood Crypto project is setting a different example with a community-driven token that is going to reward all members of its platform equally and fairly.

The DoGood Crypto project is a crowdfunding platform and community to utilize a deflationary token called the Do Token to create a community of do-gooders as well as function as a crypto-based charitable organization. Launched in the early fall of 2021, the DoGood Crypto Community features a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) as well as a deflationary token with rewards.

As a community-driven project, DoGood Crypto is built with a taxenomics and tokenomics model that creates a community with a unique inward-focused charitable function for the good of all its members.

Token holders will have multiple lucrative avenues, and every purchase will fund a community wallet that will distribute charitable funds to relevant groups and individuals.

Simply put, the DoGood Crypto community will follow the biblical principle of having “all things in common” where there is a voluntary tax on all buy and sell orders of the Do Token.

To begin with, 70% of the token’s taxes will automatically go back to the community, where it will be distributed to all Do token holders proportional to their previous amounts.

18% of all taxes will go to the platform’s charity fund. From this fund, anyone with a balance of over $50 in their Do Token wallet will be able to get charitable donations of up to $25,000. Individuals looking for donations will pay a listing fee and wait to receive the funds. The community gets to vote on who gets the funding and anyone can apply for funding up to 3 times a year.

As an incentive for participation, voters in the community DAO will receive an extra share of Do Tokens and also a share in the listing fees collected that week.

Do Token’s deflationary mechanism is such that there is a 3% token buyback and burn feature. This 3% of all Do Token’s taxes will go to fund the token’s liquidity pool and the repurchased Do Tokens will be burned. This will help boost the value of Do Tokens perpetually.

With the Do Token, donors don’t have to dig into their pockets every time they need to give to the needy. By simply participating in the platform’s DAO and voting for the right charitable causes, the donor gets a useful platform that will facilitate the donation hassle-free. This not only reduces fraud but also makes the process of donating to charitable causes more affordable and convenient. Currently, the project’s team is working on increasing awareness and advancing the platform closer to a complete DAO by the end of the year.

Potential Users should visit their website to learn more. To connect with the community, join them on Telegram.

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