What is Lean Six Sigma Certification & Why do Professionals Do it!

Six sigma is a collection of tools and procedures developed by American engineer Bill Smith in 1986 for using statistical analysis to improve business operations. Learning the elaborations of the process can help you exploit known variance in just this learning process. The statistics and quality control procedures that form the basis of this strategy are the seeds of success.

Resource management professionals, as well as executives, might benefit from the six sigma certification program. Their ability to spot pitfalls and blunders in company plans might help their instruction in this course. As a result, they will be able to identify and correct any flaws and reduce the likelihood of any unanticipated negative consequences occurring. Attending a 6 sigma training may significantly enhance your reputation and level of assurance.

Productivity and quality are the primary concerns of most businesses today. Regarding the company’s overall performance and cost, it’s a great time to talk about six sigma education, which may help firms obtain competitive advantages in practically any industry. No matter what sector or size, a company in Michigan may profit from sigma training, as shown here.

Lowering the price

Total operating costs and risk factors heavily influence an organization’s bottom line. The price of managing a business can be significantly decreased by avoiding some risks. Individuals with six sigma certificates can help companies reduce risk and offer services or products more effectively. Customers’ pleasure is considered, as well as inspection and rework charges.


Using six sigma, both large and small businesses may increase their processes’ overall efficiency, along with the output of the process and the delivery of products on time. Additionally, organizations may benefit from six sigma by reducing the number of machine setups, creating a schedule for the manufacturing process, enhancing overall efficiency, and automating the process, either partially or totally, if manual intervention is more significant than necessary. Using facts, numbers, data, and knowledge gained via six sigma training, it’s simple to identify and analyze process flaws.

A steady stream of money

Companies may enhance their cash flow by focusing on DSO or Days Sales Outstanding. Increasing cash flow is one of the benefits of improving DSO, and credit sales may not necessarily require cash conversion if the DSO is larger. Using six sigma, there are several ways to minimize variance in the Account Payable, Invoicing, and Inventory Management processes. To enhance cash flow, it is necessary to identify and fix major issues that can be quantified.

Positive experience for the client

To be successful, a company must prioritize its customers’ needs above anything else. Six Sigma enables businesses to identify and handle problems and concerns to deliver outstanding customer service. Customer demands may be better anticipated, and processes can be made more efficient. Consumers’ happiness and interactions directly impact a company’s reputation, and owners may identify and fix the concerns raised by dissatisfied customers.


In addition to helping their company expand and expedite the whole process, personnel who earn a sigma certificate also improve their talents and advance in their careers. Currently enrolled in sigma training and achieving various levels of six sigma certification should be high on your priorities if you’re thinking about it right now.

Levels of Lean Six Sigma Certification

There are 3 levels of lean six sigma certification online like any other certification:

  1. Beginner (six sigma white belt)
  2. Intermediate (Six sigma green belt)
  3. Advance (Six Sigma black belt)

Among the 3 of the levels, lean six sigma black belt certification is what you should aim for, because when you aim for the moon, you will definitely land among the stars. Also, a black belt covers the course of white and green belts too.

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