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    El Caption 10.11 Download is a desktop and server OS of Mac OS X and that officially announced by Apple Inc. This is the 12th dominant offer of Macintosh. Stability, Security and performances are the main areas that El Caption 10.11 Download could cover. And it became the end of the series and that released under OS X. Unexpectedly, El Caption highlighted than Yosemite because of the much better reviews that surrounded it. It was in 2015 that Apple launched the initial version to the public. The Mac App Store is the official source to download El Caption for free. However, this was preceded by OS X Yosemite and succeed by macOS Sierra.

    El Caption Download

    El Caption 10.11 Download requirements

    In accordance with notes of the developer, computers that performed Yosemite, Mountain Lion and Mavericks can download El Caption 10.11 Download. But, users with old Macintosh models will not be able to go through all the features that promised. Here is the supported device list.

    • Mac Pro late 2013
    • Mac Mini late 2012 or later
    • MacBook Pro Mid 2012 or later
    • MacBook Air Mid 2012 or later
    • MackBook Early 2015 or later
    • iMac late 2012 or later
    • Mac Mini 2009 or prior
    • iMac Mid 2007 to 2008 or prior
    • Xserve 2009 or prior
    • Mac Pro 2008 or prior or later
    • iMac Mid 2007 or later
    • Mac Mini prior 2009 or later
    • MacBook Pro Mid 2007 or later
    • MacBook Pro Mid 2007 or later
    • MacBook Air late 2008 or later
    • MacBook late 2008 or later


    El Caption 10.11 Download brought a long list of features and enhancements. The design, usability, performance and security were the main areas that enhanced. According to the official note, open PDF files are four times faster, open messages in Mail and app switching are two times faster while apps can launch 40% faster when compared to OS X Yosemite. The new amount of memory of the graphic processor is now 1536 MB. But it is only for computers with Intel HD 4000 GPU. Moreover, applications such as Maps, Messages and Mail, Notes, Spotlight, Safari, Photos, App Store, AirPort Utility, Chess, Disk Utility, Contacts, Calendar, iBooks, iTunes, Calculator and many brought updates to El Caption 10.11 Download.

    In addition, System Integrity Protection is the newly added security feature of El Caption Download. It specifically protects folders, files and processors. But, this also known as a default feature that people who do not like can disable.

    El Capitan PROS and CONS


    • Faster than ever.
    • Better performance.
    • Free download
    • Fresh gestures for managing mail.
    • Added split-screen features.
    • More-legible fonts.
    • Better security.


    • New security features can break a few special-purpose apps.
    • A few remaining bugs in Maps.

    Final words

    El Caption Download is another amazing operating system of Apple Inc for Macintosh. The OS brought many enhancements and new uses to the public that made it higher than Yosemite. High-security quality and features, performance and stability were the focused areas of El Caption 10.11 Download. This was introduced in 2015 as an application of the Mac App Store. The operating system is absolutely free and can bring on all Mac machines recommended above. The latest version is El Caption 10.11.6 and that can find out from the Mac App Store. 

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