Best Adventure Sports in India to Try After Lockdown Ends



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    Are you an adventure lover who is daring enough to do adventure sports in India? If yes, then continue reading because this article will tell you all the brief knowledge you want to know or share about adventure activities in India.

    The article includes nine thrilling and freaking adventure sports and will also suggest to you some places to feel the rush from the adventure sports in India.

    Adventure sports in India are divided into three main categories, i.e., LAND, WATER, AIR. Identify each type by yourself.

    Most Thrilling Adventure Sports of India

    #1 Paragliding

    You would be Hanging in the sky while sitting on your harness and might be experiencing wings while doing paragliding, the ultimate adventure sport of India.

    Paragliding requires some techniques and training, as flying need some science! So you can have a training, or the fast and best option is to go with a pilot paraglider with you.

    adventure sports in India

    Some of the best Indian destinations for paragliding are:

    Uttarakhand (Bedni Bugyal and kunjapuri)  is a perfect destination for paragliding and other Adventure activities in India. What else would you need while flying in the sky above fantastic nature? This the time of your life, my friend! Uttarakhand is known for places where you can paraglide, Some of which are: Bedni Bugyal, Kunjapuri, Rishikesh, Dhanaulti and Mussoorie.

    Sikkim and Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh are also very well known for their Paragliding sites and Other Adventure Trips in India.

    #2 Snorkeling

    Have you ever heard of this sport? Maybe not, but you might have seen it in movies. Actually, it is pretty similar to scuba diving. Still, the difference is that in scuba, you are provided with an oxygen cylinder, and you can go really very deep in the ocean. Still, in Snorkeling, you swim under the water but on the surface with a small pipe for breathing which they refer to as ‘snorkel.’ Its cheap and really fun to try it when you are on an island. Still, one thing you need to keep in mind while doing Snorkeling is the clarity of the water so that you can look through the water easily. Snorkeling is one of the cheapest adventure activities in India

    Some of the best places for Snorkeling in India are very obvious, but Goa, Andaman & Nicobar island.

    adventure sports of india

    Tarkarli in Maharashtra is also very famous for Snorkeling and scuba diving, so if you are in Maharashtra or planning to visit, add this to your itinerary.

    #3 Bungee Jumping

    Bungee jumping is a sport where the person is tied to a large elastic rod and is threw from a height beyond imagination. Bungee Jumping is one of India’s very famous adventure sports and thrills the person during free falling and rebound.

    Rishikesh, Goa, and Lonavala are the top favorite places for bungee jumping and other adventure sports in India.

    Jumping Heights at Rishikesh provides the highest Bungee jumping among all these places of around 270 ft.

    Also read: Bungee Jumping In India.

    #4 Ballooning

    Ballooning or Hot Air balloon rides can be the ultimate mood changer and refresher for you. Riding in a giant balloon above the city is a trending adventure sport in India. Rajasthan, and National Capital Region and Manali, and many other places in India are now becoming known for their ultimate balloon rides.

    Balloon Rides in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Pushkar, Jaisalmer make Rajasthan ‘the perfect destination for Balloon riding’ where you ride above nearly everything, i.e., lakes, palaces, forts, desert, forest, etc.

    #5 Zip Lining

    You might have seen this adventure sport in films during action scenes. Zip Lining is extremely fantastic and gives you a ‘superman’ kind of feeling.

    Although Ziplining adventure activity in India is very rare and only a few companies provide this adventure sport in India.‘ Flying Fox‘ provides Zip lining in various parts of the Country.

    Jodhpur, Neemrana, and Rishikesh are some destinations to enjoy Zip Lining. (Provided By Flying Fox)

    #6 Skydiving

    Skydiving refers to the activity of free-falling from a very high altitude with a parachute. There are different types of skydiving adventure activities in India.

    Maharashtra and Pondicherry are considered best for skydiving adventure in India.

    #7 River Rafting

    River Rafting is one of the most famous adventure sport of India, everybody knows about it, but only a few have done it because not everyone is daring enough. But, on the other hand, white water rafting is one of India’s most extreme adventure sport.



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    Rishikesh is the favorite place for river rafting as the river Ganges reaches the plains of India for the first time in Rishikesh, and the flow of water changes very often, which is kindly the most appropriate scenario for river rafting.

    Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Zanskar are some of the rivers where people enjoy rafting the most.

    #8 Scuba Diving

    Unlike Snorkeling, During Scuba Diving, divers are equipped with an oxygen cylinder to deep inside the water body and explore life deep inside the ocean. Scuba diving is for natural swimmers, while Snorkeling is for beginners. Like Snorkeling, Scuba also requires crystal transparent water bodies for the best and beautiful experience.

    Goa, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, and Maharashtra are the best Indian destinations for scuba diving.

    #9 Backpacking

    Sometimes referred to as ‘wilderness’.

    Backpacking may refer to trekking or camping, which thousands of people do every month in India. Wild Places like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, kerala, Maharashtra, Jammu, and Kashmir have thousands of tourists every month only to trek and camp in wild nature.

    Trekking refers to the outdoor recreational activity while carrying all the stuff needed on your back and hiking for one or more days. Backpacking refers to trekking+hiking+camping+climbing etc.

    So these were the nine adventure sports of India which every adventurous Indian must do.

    Read full detailed articles for further information; we hope this information would be helpful to you if you are planning for an adventure trip in India.

    Apart from the above mentioned adventure sports of India, Motorcycle riding in mountains, jumping, river crossing, mountain climbing etc are also some of the mostly done adventure sports in India

    Thank You, and Keep Tripping!

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